Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thursday Outing.....

Last Thursday was the beginning of a long weekend birthday celebration! After bible study, Jim and I took off for the afternoon. Our first stop was Sellwood to buy a lampshade for our lamp. Sellwood is an antique district in Portland. After our purchase, we popped into a shoppe and fell in love with a German music box! So, we bought our Christmas present for each other. You wind it up and as the disk rotates, the most MAGICAL sound fills the room. It actually fills the entire house! It came with seven different disks and it is lovely. It's just the right size for our home. I have never seen one so small. The picture on the inside of the box is just delightful~ sweet children. It's living in my tearoom now, much to the delight of all my dolls.
Then we went on to Aurora, another favorite destination! We did a bit of shopping at the Aurora Colony museum and then went over to the little cafe. Amy is the owner and will soon be closing her business as her son goes off to college. We were chatting with her about family businesses and pharmacies and having fun over a cup of cocoa and her lemon cake! Jim noticed a King Arthur flour sack hanging in the shoppe. Amy was talking about what she might be doing in her future and told us about her family business in Vermont.....the King Arthur flour company! Her maiden name is Sands which you can see on the flour sack. So that started the whole conversation about Tasha Tudor! Her mother and grandmother loved Tasha's work and she always received Tasha Tudor cards for special occassions. So, on ST Nick's Day, I still had a delightful Tasha connection. It was so very fun and added to the magic of the day.

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