Friday, December 7, 2012

Tasha Tudor First Friday Bood Review~Becky's Christmas

It's the first Friday of the month-the month of December-and time for another Tasha Tudor book review. I must say, this is really becoming fun for me. It makes me read or reread her books and focus on Tasha. Now that she is no longer with us, it takes some effort to keep her memory alive and exciting.
I am featuring BECKY'S CHRISTMAS today. It was one book I didn't own and had never even held in my hands! Imagine that for a Tasha fan...sad, but true. So last month, I treated myself and bought a signed copy with some of my profits from my little Etsy business. I adore the book and will share a bit about it with you today.
The book was published in 1961 by Viking Press of New York. It's about a little ten year old girl, Becky, and you get to view her family's preparations for Christmas as told by her. It is charming.
If you know anything about Tasha's personal life and her Christmas celebrations, you will recognize all the Tudor traditions in this sweet book. This family also bakes Christmas cakes, decorates gingerbread cookies for the tree, makes gifts for each other, sets up the creche in the warming oven, lights the Advent wreath, and of course, celebrates St Nicholas Day. This story does include the opening of paper Advent calendars daily. We always had them when I was growing up and I still love the paper ones.
There are 46 pages to enjoy with black and white as well as colored pictures. I love the cover with all of the typical Tasha items lovingly tucked into the garland.
After Tasha went into partnership with Beth Mathers of the Jenny Wren Press in 1989, this was one of the books that was reprinted. My copy was reprinted in 1991 by the Jenny Wren Press and is signed by Tasha Tudor.
There is one big surprise on Christmas for Becky! I'm not going to give that away. As my Jimmy always says,"Read the book".


Christine Crocker said...

Dear Linda,
oh, what a beautiful little book, Becky's Christmas is!
I especially loved the watercolors that you shared.
I have several of her books, but this one is still on my list.
Maybe Santa will find one for me~

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and very special Tasha Tudor book.

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday tomorrow,


Susan said...

YayyyyyyY!!!!! I LOVE that book, Linda.SO happy to see you got your own copy. Ohhhh, isn't it a charmer? Honestly, that book has the perfect way to celebrate the much better than the crass commercialism of big name stores, blah blah blah

Oh, I LOVED seeing the pictures again.

Thank you so much and ENJOY! Susan

Jan Hennings said...

LOVE these!

Denise said...

Thank you Linda for visiting me.I always enjoy visiting you :)I love learning more about Tasha from you too.You and Jimmy have a great Christmas month.OX Denise