Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Kitchen

I was just chatting with my daughter who lives in Seattle. Her hubby and her are coming down to Portland for the 2nd Annual Cookie Party at my sister's home. My niece Jenny plans it all and all it should be fun. Oh, I can smell all that frosting already! Gina and I both feel that the Christmas season just sort of lingers until our birthday is over and then, poof! It just all goes by so quickly. I decorate my kitchen with Spode and Gingerbread men. Here's a look at my favorite little area. I have a very small galley kitchen, but still have fun with it. Time to start thinking about baking cookies!
I think my daughters are going to spend the night with us on Saturday. JOY JOY JOY!!


GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my goodness, Linda, do you suppose we were twins separated at birth? I decorate my kitchen with gingerbread at the holidays, too. And I collect vintage utensils with green handles. And I have a little green toy iron that is a lot like yours. And I love quilts and crocheted doilies and tea... pretty much everything you have in this picture. I'll start baking this weekend, when the first of my two children arrives home. Have a wonderful time at your family cookie party!

Karen said...

Love the handles on your utensils !!
I had a few red (& even a pink one !!), but green is my fav.

Linda said...

Very cute and vintagy. I'm trying to get motivated to think about food. My dd and gd's make so many goodies, but I'd like to make some low carb ones. My favorite is Angie's fruitcake, not low carb through. Enjoy your family.

Susan said...

Lots of Christmas fun in the kitchen here, too, Linda. Have a blast. So glad your girls will stay overnight! Susan