Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virginia Lee Burton

My favorite class in college when I was studying to be a teacher was Children's Literature. I had a wonderful first grade teacher who read to us and I can still remember the classic stories she chose. When I was teaching first and second grade, I too chose some of those very sam books to read to my students.
One author I loved was Virginia Lee Burton. As most of your know, I adore Tasha Tudor and her books but after watching a wonderful PBS special this evening on Virginia Lee Burton, I realized I knew nothing of Ms Burton's life. I didn't even know she was from New England!  Here's a few of the seven books she wrote....

And my very favorite~The Little House!

The wonderful show introduced me to another part of her life. She started a guild for designer craftsmen
(women) in Gloucester MA which became the Folly Cove Designers which was in operation form 1941 until 1968. They produced textiles and paper cut from linoleum carved blocks. During this time, she worked under the name of Jinnee Demetrios, her husband's last name.  Here's a few examples of her work.

I just adore her work and would love to see some examples in person. I read the the Cape Cod Museum in Gloucester MA did have a show in 1982  and 1996.

Virginia Lee Burton 1901-1968

It has been so fun to learn more about this interesting woman's life. I'm wondering if some of my East Coast blogger friends are familiar with her?

Do you have a favorite children's book from you childhood?


LaVonne said...

I am familiar with the first book. Kelly may have had it as a child. I love the prints and stuff! What a beautiful woman too!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....I didn't know anything about that author although I had read a couple of those books you showed.

As a pre-teen, I loved Nancy Drew books as well as the Anne of Green Gables series.

When our kids were little I read Where the Red Fern Grows as a read-aloud and at one point in the book, the reader (me) was weeping so hard I was practically dry-heaving and the two kids were the same. It was POWERFUL and heart-wrenching. We'll never ever forget it.

I love the written word and the fact that it opens up entire worlds for all of us. Sincerely, Susan

Kelly said...

I love love love The Little House. And Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel is one of Wilder's favorites too. I had no idea she was so prolific, though.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my I LOVE the little house, adore!! Welcome home by the way xox Clarice