Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teacup Thursday #35-December 1st and the Season of Advent

December 1st! I have been decorating my home for days and here it is the first of December. My birthday is next week, so I always try to get the house all ready for Christmas before my birthday. My youngest Gina was born on my birthday, so I do it for her too!
And here we are at Miss Spenser's Teacup Thurssday once again. I decided to feature my December cup and saucer to celebrate the beginning of the season. My husband found it for me during the summer.
It's living in my tearoom that is all ready for the the Advent season.

I have always loved Advent calendars since I was a little girl. I still give my grown daughters a chocolate one every Thanksgiving to mark the season. This year, they gave me one. I ate the first one with my morning coffee...yummy.

I grew up with the German paper type. All glittery and waiting for the next day. These are my very favorite. I also have a very small one that's newer.

This is a wooden one the I found at the thrift store a few years ago. You turn the date over to reveal the little shape. I live to do it the opposite way.

Of course I have to include my Tasha Tudor Advent Calendar. It's in a book and I never have opened the windows and most likely never will. I am glad to have one in my collection.

I have also loved having a candle Advent wreath to anticipate the coming of the Sweet Baby Jesus. Advent started last Sunday but sadly, I am behind a bit. My wreath is always packed up with my Christmas things and it sneaks up on me. My friend Natalie gave me the wonderful book that I enjoy every year with meaningful daily readings.

So let the season begin! I'm hoping to do a little digital Advent calendar this year on my blog. I hope I can pull it off. Happy Advent to all.


Antiques And Teacups said...

I posted a December Christmas Rose teacup too! But your is extra special because it's a birthday teacup as well! Happy Birthday a week in advance! I love Advent wreaths and calendars. I love the lead up to the celebration of Jesus' birth! Have a great day!

Denise said...

Good Morning My Dear Lady Linda,It was nice spending the morning with you.I need to find a teacup I haven't posted before.I ran out of cups and pots not posted.I just shouldn't buy one more,you see I said shouldn't TeHe.Happy Birthday to you and your daughter.The Lord bless you all year long-Denise

Kathryn Ross said...

Dear Lady Linda - so lovely a teacup and even more of a trip down memory lane with the advent calendars. I only remember having one or two in my youth - not a financial priority in our frugal house - but Christmas morning always was sweet and plentiful for this little girl - no matter how modest when I look back now. The wooden one from the thrift is a nifty find! Happiest of Birthdays to you - just a week early!

Lady Jane said...

Happy Birthday to you. I love your December tea cup so very pretty. You brought back many a memory with your Advent calendars. I am thinking of a wreath as a center piece this year. I havent had one in a few years. Cheers. LJ

Susan said...

Lovely, Linda. Everything looks great. I love advent calendars, too. Jacklyn Lawson has a beautiful one on the Internet. My daughter received it from someone and it's so enchanting.

Take care. Susan

xinex said...

I love the cup, very pretty!...Christine

Micupoftea~ said...

Yes, let it begin! HAPPY Advent! Loved seeing your calendars...I collect them too! Your teacup is so pretty~ Have a nice weekend :)

Zaa said...

Greetings Dear Lady Linda...

What lovely memorabilia you have post....I, Too, love advent calendars and I'm swooning over your Tasha Tudor book( Ha Ha).. Your Christmas Rose china is perfect for the wintry festivities... ENJOY your Advent celebration.....Hugs