Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Friends and Their Fantastic Families!

Last Sunday when Jim and I were visiting the Poulsbo,Bainbridge Island and Port Gamble area, we were kindly invited to a breakfast tea at the home of Clarice and dinner at the home of Angie. I met these friends about four years ago when LaVonne came out to visit. We became acquainted through my Tasha Tudor group and now they have become very dear friends which is one of the best things about our Tasha Tudor group.

Jim had never been to Clarice's home and it was all decorated for Christmas. Her Storybook Woods home is delightful and filled with all kinds of treasures. We got to meet David before he had to get some sleep...thanks David for staying up to meet us! Linda, Clarice's mom, was invited to join us~she's a Tashette too. Sweet lady and it's always nice to visit with her.
A yummy breakfast tea--Scottish eggs, maple scones, fresh fruit, and Clarice's famous Chocolate Cherry fruitcake! Lots if tea....lots!

Jim entertained us all and so enjoyed Chole and Auberne'.  He had us all laughing! The girls are becoming young ladies now!

Looks like we are having a fun time, huh? So much fun, I never want my visits to end when I'm with these special friends.

Clarice, I know this isn't air brushed, but I like it anyway. It just make me smile and makes me happy you are my friend.

Love the village...she has a perfect space to set it up so all can enjoy. Here's a few fun pix of a few of her other Christmas delights. I wish I would have taken some more pictures, but I was too busy talking!

This was here little "Steampunk" Christmas tree in the kitchen. Very creative and pretty cool. I know she's featuring her tree ornaments on her blog....Storybook you can get a really good look at her creations. Thank you Clarice for everything. We had a wonderful time with you and yours!
About 4:30 PM we drove over to Angie and Ralph's country home. Their home is so cozy and peaceful and filled with the history of both of their families. John and Elizabeth are great kids! John kept finding his treasures and collections to share with Jimmy and that was a big hit! Little boys are a rare treat in our world. It as just great to sit around the table and share dinner and time with each other. Another great family! Angie is a marvelous cook too...stew, roasted squash, rice, potatoes, fresh salad with pears and toasted pecans(YUMMY). Angie served ice cream with gingerbread and whiskey soaked raisins from her Dutch neighbor.  I wish I had some right now, oh so good. She also served a delicious fruitcake.
I think you can see how this family loves and cares for each other in these pictures.

Thank you Angie  and Ralph for opening your home and spending the evening with us. It just flew by so quickly, too quickly! It will live in our hearts for a long time.
Again, I was so busy chatting, I didn't take enough pictures of their home, but here's a few. Angie is a very gifted doll maker.

Thank you so very much for your hospitality dear friends. Merry Christmas and the best in the coming New Year.


Rosa said...

Parece una reunión de lo más acogedora y una familia muy entrañable. Un día estupendo!
Un abrazo.

Rosetta said...

Che carini e simpatici che siete tutti!Bello il tuo presepe imbiancato ed anche la bambola!Baci,rosetta

LaVonne said...

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season that we forget to sit and enjoy. THIS is what Christmastime should be about. Very nice! What memories you created!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Linda, we were honored to have you and Jim. The girls and I hold such a special place in our hearts for both of you. Thank you for making time to visit us.
Love Clarice

Linda said...

Love the photos, you can tell we were having a great time. I haven't been able to do much shopping this year and so have been finding other ways to enjoy the season and this was a highlight. Love Jim's story telling.

Angie said...

What a lovely post! So glad you both could come up and spend a little time with us. You are a delight. We want you to move closer so we can adopt you! (Okay, I think we'll adopt you anyway!)

Thanks again-
Love, Angie