Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A St Nicholas Day and Birthday Celebration!

I participate in a Tasha Tudor ornament exchange on St Nick's Day and since my birthday is so close (Dec 8th), I have been celebrating it on Dec 6th too. Most of us have tea at some point in the day and open our gift. Since Jim is retired now, he can share the afternoon with me.My plans changed a bit today, as we had a family matter to attend to. The afternoon tea became dinner and dessert.

I started the day off with a wonderful birthday gift from my dear husband. He has arranged for Christine Crocker to make me one of her dolls! I am so excited! What a wonderful gift and treasure that is going to be. This was the note I found this morning in my tearoom. Thank you Jimmy.

These are my treats from Mimi...thank you Mimi for my fun box. I especially like the button tree. I'm glad you had my name.
I had Catherine's name for the ornament exchange. She loves Corgis so I based my gift to her on Tasha's book A Corgiville Christmas with a plaid theme. She lives in Tennessee.

LaVonne  sent me my birthday gift  and she just knows me so well. I always love her gifts. My word for this year was JOY. Can you believe she found this sign for me? She raises sheep, so this sweet little ornament has great meaning and it's just so adorable. Thank you my dearest friend. Annabelle sends a big thank you to Annabelle of MT for the ornaments for her tree.

Wilhelmina sent me a wonderful gift too! A fabulous book as we love Fairy Tales. It's a die cut pop out book that's wonderful. Lots of other goodies too...I didn't get the two ornaments she sent to me in the photo, but they are so cute. You're a doll my friend.

Dear Sha, thanks so much for your gifts. You have such good taste and I'm so pleased to get another year's subscription for Pieceworks! It's such a wonderful present. I really enjoy reading it every month.

The dolls are all ready to join the fun today. Annabelle's home is decorated and Hitty is in the kitchen with her. Looks like it's time for some Christmas baking at the doll's home.

I'll end with some pictures of our little dinner/dessert St. Nick's tea.  It was yummy and turned out to be very special. I made my Dundee cake this year in a fantastic ceramic Christmas loaf pan that my sister Alisa gave me a few years ago. It baked so well, I will be using it every year.

Goodnight sweet husband. Thank you for all you do for me. I love ya lots. Enjoy the season!♡


Jane said...

Absolutely love all your dolls. :)I have been busy knitting on a sweater for my little guy. I have one pocket ribbing left to do and the yarn will probably work out to the inch!

Kristen Strand said...

What a lovely post , and I LOVE the picture of Jim! I am not sure I could get my husband in the mood to join me in a tea this time of year.

Have a wonderful holiday season

LaVonne said...

You are truly blessed! And St. Nick's handwriting has greatly improved. ;-)

Antiques And Teacups said...

A wonderful post and obviously a great time! Happy birthday again!

wilhelmina said...

Oh such lovely things you have received. Your tea party is beautiful. Love the picture of Jim that a Cheshire grin? I think I'm gonna like him! xxxoooo to you my dear!

Susan said...

Hi Linda...Enjoyed looking at your dollies. I LOVE dolls.

By the way, Happy (early) Birthday! Hope the whole rest of the week and month will be fabulous for you. Susan