Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Friends

I met my dear friend Lynda for coffee in Gresham this morning. Drove over in the unexpected snow and actually, it is snowing again.
Lynda is a long time friend who used to work for me and then had her own beautiful tea shoppe for awhile. We would go on buying trips together and we'd have the best time. She's a sweet Christian woman who has really been growing in her walk. We were attending the same bible study, but I quit as the drive was difficult from Troutdale to Beaverton at rush hour. I miss the study and have been feeling that my life has been out of whack. When we met today, she had a book for me and asked if I'd like to do a little study with her! She's already doing two other studies, so I feet quite special to be asked to do this with her. God is so good and so patient with me. I haven't been too sweet or caring this winter and to be honest, I need to be in His word more than I have been. So, I am encouraged and thankful for this dear one. We will meet once a month for coffee and a little lesson when she comes my way for her hair appts. A good plan.I must get to work now. I have a potato leek barley soup in the crockpot that is smelling so yummy. It's hard to quit watching the snow fall. Thank you God for such a calm and gentle day.

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