Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What Are You Doing Today?

Good afternoon blogger friends! Well, yesterday our governor put stricter limits on our staying home. I think it's the wisest thing for now. Since Jim and I are retired, our life hasn't changed a great deal. We are being careful and have so much to do around the house anyway. I am still selling on my Etsy site and packaging items always takes time. I enjoy it and it is a bit of spending money for dolly things.

I love to write letters. This extra time at home has motivated me to write to friends. With FB and emails, I have gotten away from snail mail. This little fabric folder was a birthday gift from my friend last December. It is handmade out of the cutest fabric. I think it may have been a towel. She tucked in some sweet notecards.

She even found stamps that match the notecards. What a great time to use them!

I think I have done more cooking at home than I have in awhile. We do eat out a fair amount. It's actually been fun to try out some new recipes as well as some of my family favorites. I made a big pot of spaghetti (gravy or sauce to the Italians). I use low sodium tomatoes and sauce now along with ground turkey for my health.

It was yummy and we have enough for leftovers.

I think it's important to be somewhat normal about things. We eat at the table without the news and just have time to talk together. It just feels better.

Jimmy's spaghetti. We had a nice fresh green salad too. I enjoy each fresh item and wonder if Jim will be able to go to the store for more? Different times for sure.

I'm not sure you can see the rainbow in the sky. It just seemed like a bit of hope today.
I hope you are doing well and can find some happiness today. 


Bernideen said...

Linda: Your spaghetti look amazing. I need to try it with ground turkey too. I use ground sausage. Yes, this is definitely a slower pace time as we stay in but we are both blessed that we love to do things at home! Take care and be safe!

Sandra said...

I love the idea of writing personal hand written notes or letters. Pretty stationary makes it all the nicer. Cooking a meal to eat together at home is a great idea...along with setting a nice table. I am keeping my days busy with my crafts. I am crocheting an afghan, hand quilting a little quilt, and working on a cross stitch picture. I also keep up on doing our laundry. I enjoy ironing our clothes and bed linens.

Kelly-Anne said...

So good to visit with you, dear Lady Linda!
I am glad to hear you are has been awhile since last we spoke!
I love that more people are blogging again, myself included. Tomorrow will see our country in lockdown for three weeks, and I am quite excited about having this time at home to potter in my garden, work on a few projects and enjoy chatting with dear friends I seldom find time to connect with.
Sending love your way!