Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dolly Thursday and Thursday Finds

It's Dolly Thursday on my Tasha Tudor group again, so I wanted to share this sweet little miss. She is a reproduction doll, but I think she is so beautiful. Her face is darling. She was left in a back room at an estate sale last fall and I just couldn't leave her there, so she came home with me. She was also 1/2 price.

Her dress is sweet and she even came with her little locket. I haven't given her a name yet. She is holding a few friends for the season.

I stopped at an antique store on the way home from the beach last week. I found a few fun things for Easter gifts and a few goodies for me. I love tin dishes and containers. I found this sweet little sugar canister in the basement.

I collect plastic rattles and Easter animals, so this duck will be added to the gang. I think he was quite pleased to join the group.

I always look for vintage books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. This one just has the perfect look.

Someone started to do the embroidery work on this fun little panel and never finish. I think it will make a darling little fun pillow once I get it completed.

Don't you love the ducky?

This is where I found the cute little Beatrix Potter trio that I shared on Tuesday. I just love anything Peter Rabbit.

I think we are actually going to have a sunny day tomorrow! I am excited to see the sun. What a wet and dreary spring we have had.
I was supposed to join in the Tea Cup Exchange reveal today, however, my exchange partner is having a hard time and was delayed in getting my package out. That's just fine, as I understand. It will be fun to share it when it does arrive. 


My Cottage Diary said...

What a very pretty blog you have, Linda. It's always a treat to discover a new blog, so I'm so glad you left a comment on mine! I have bookmarked yours so I can remember to visit again. Your doll and other goodies you shared are very cute. I have a few dolls, no vintage ones, but I haven't bought one in years. Actually, my mother gifted me with most of my dolls, and she has been gone ten years now. I love Beatrix Potter, too, and the sweet characters from her stories. Enjoy your weekend, Bess

Louca por porcelana said...

Very beautiful doll!Have a lovely weekend!

Szara Sowa said...

The doll is admirable. I very like Peter Rabbit too. Have a nice weekend. ☺

The Victorian Girl said...

So fun to see your new finds! I have a small collection of Beatrix Potter things and am always on the lookout for more at a really good price. My best finds are Tom Kitten for $2 at a thrift store, Cousin Ribby for $1 at Goodwill, and a $6 Peter Rabbit teapot at Salvation Army. I guess I've kind of made it into a game! And it saves me from buying every Beatrix Potter item in sight! One of the top things on my "bucket list" is to visit her home in England one day.

Debby Ray said...

You seem to be able to find such great items! What a lovely doll! I hope you have been doing well and every time I look at my red teacup I think of you :) Have a blessed weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

What a joy to catch up and visit today. You certainly manage to find some beautiful things. Such a pretty doll.

Suzanne said...

Love this dolly-boy are you going to have a hard time deciding which dolly to bring in May:-) xoxo