Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

I am absolutely filled with gratitude and joy on this Sunday afternoon. What a week! You just never know what you will be asked to do, right? It was a long and stressful week with my daughter with her extreme back pain...extra care for Otto, trips to the ER, pharmacy, and doctors.

Thank you all who held her up in prayer and sent your good thoughts for Angie and for me. The internet is an amazing gift at times when we find ourselves needing support and prayers. I THANK YOU all for that. Your kindness is also good for my daughter to see and understand my friends...I talk about you all so much!

She just had an amazing turn around yesterday after facing the possibility of surgery just the day before. I am praying that she will not over do and will just take it a bit easy. I know that is hard for a mother to do with an active 2 year old and an 8 year old step daughter home for the weekend.

Thank you Lord for this healing and thank you all for your love and concern.

I hope to make it around to your blogs again. It seems everytime I get back into blogging, something seems to come along in life!

Hoping for a return to normal and a good week ahead for you all. 


Denise said...

Thank You Jesus-He cares about Our cares, that fact always helps Me feel better. Hoping You and Your daughter a peaceful week. Hugs and continued blessings to You-Denise

mamasmercantile said...

Prayers were answered in your hour of need. Wishing you both good wishes and continued improvement.

Sylvia said...

Praying you and your daughter continue to improve, have a blessed week!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I pray for your daughter pains. I wish you health. Keep in touch

Stephanie said...

Amen! Our precious Lord cares about every little detail, sweet friend. Thinking of you and your dear daughter. Love you!

Denise said...

Thank You Dear Sweet friend for such a lovely generous gift You sent Me.I was so surprised and grateful.How darling each piece of the gift was. Loving Thoughts sent Your way-Denise