Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #65~ ❤Sharing Valentine Exchanges❤

Oh, how I love Valentine card exchanges! Before the month slips away, I want to share some more fun that I had this year with my Tasha Tudor Take Peace group and my Afternoon Tea Across America (ATAA) group. I always have to wait to do these posts as I don't like to give away my surprises before the holiday. The excitement begins with a trip (or two) to the craft store to gather up paper and a variety of goodies for the occasion.

This is my offering for ATAA...I cut out the teapots, glued paper heart doilies onto the card and then deocrated the post with bits and pieces. This year we were to enclose a sample of tea and a favorite recipe. I sent a recipe for Marmalade Muffins that was from a Crabtree and Evelyn cookbook that I love.

My Tasha Tudor exchange was a little bit different. We send a tiny Valentine card from our dolls to the other dolls. I like to include tiny gifts for the dolls too.  It's fun to send tea and little candies too.

I had this glass mailbox that I have had for years. I thought it would be fun to put my incoming Valentines in it, as I like to open my cards on Valentine's Day.

Lots of cards and little fun packages from some special friends.

Here is a look at my cards from ATAA! So fun. I love all the handmade cards. Very pretty. I will probably put them into an album.

Look at all the sweet Tasha Tudor cards from the exchange!

I have shared the fun I have with my friend Lynda and the friendship ball. I have been hoping to find another one to have fun with LaVonne. I found one a few weeks ago...perfect timing!

I filled the ball with tiny gifts for Miss Annabelle. We will send it back and forth now...yes!

My dear friend LaVonne never forgets me! Lots of good things.She even found me dolly Valentines!

The little red shawl was for Hitty! It is tiny and well made. I had to try it on and it fit perfectly.
Hitty was very happy with her gift!

Annabelle asked me t pst some pictures . She has her table all set for Valentines! Tea time!

Annabelle wanted to use her new red teaset. I think it's a lovely set indeed!

This is her other table, set for tea also.

Annabelle's dessert table.

Annabelle found this sweet little blanket box. I love it and she put it to good use!

Hope you enjoyed my little review of Valentine's! Happy Tea Time Thursday. I am off with a friend for the weekend up in the Seattle area.


Lady Jane said...

Such lovely items.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Such beautiful Valentine's that you made and received as well. Really makes the holiday so much more special the way you share with others. You have many memories in the making....