Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day...Good Bye Summer!

Happy Labor Day! Now that Jimmy and I are retired and no longer have children going off to school, Labor Day is a bit different at our house. It is still the day that seems to signal that summer is over and fall will soon be here. I'm sipping my coffee and enjoying a quiet morning. We will be going over to my dad's today at Russellville Park to set up a new monthly schedule to help him. We will also be starting our babysitting this week with little Otto as his mommy returns to the work force. So, I guess we aren't really done working!

It's been a busy summer and a fun summer. If you follow my blog, you have seen our adventures.
I just wanted to share a few items from summer as it finishes up now.

My friend Lynda and I haven't had as many times to get together this summer. We pass this friendship ball back and forth when we do meet. It was my turn before the 4th of July, so I had a fun month to gather goodies and tuck into this little ball. It's a challenge but a fun one! We add a verse or friendship quote that has meaning to us both.

The summer Afternoon Tea Across America card exchange had a SUMMER CELEBRATION theme.
We have ladies from Canada and France, so they could share their holidays with us in America. It was fun to see all the creative things people come up with to send along via snail mail.  A sample of tea and little paper "tuck ins" are all part of the game. I love the exchanges! Enjoy a few pictures of mine!

I like to keep my cards in scrapbooks so I can enjoy the goodies and look back over them. Part of the fun is choosing scrapbook paper!

If you read my BLOGLAND TOUR post, I mentioned that this was one of the projects I had to finish this summer! It's done. I keep the pages pretty simple, as the cards and tuck ins are so neat. It's not hard to make the pages and it goes together quickly.

Enjoy your Labor Day as we say good bye to summer and say hello to FALL! I am ready. 


Maureen Wyatt said...

It has been a chilly, wet summer here and seems to be over before it ever really started. sigh I'm telling myself we will be compensated by a wonderful Fall!

Micupoftea said...

Hello, sweet Linda! I've tried for months to comment on your blog, but got a new computer and it worked today! Yahoo! I HAVE been reading, though. Love your wonderful book. It was so fun to make it, right? Happy September- we will still have hot temps (90-100) until Halloween, so it still feels like summer here. Ick. :)

mamasmercantile said...

Some beautiful scrapbook pages, I need to catch up on mine. Have fun with little Otto.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Labor Day. How sad that summer is over. Welcome autumn. Your enjoys Otto. he is very cute. Awesome scrapbook pages. Keep in touch