Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sharing Denise's Birthday and Tea Time Thursday #26

I just returned from my quilt retreat which was just fantastic! I hope to blog about it with pix in a few days.

When I returned, a package was waiting for me! My dear blogger friend Denise of Denise's Delights in Her Coffeeberry Cottage did  a really cute and thoughtful thing to celebrate her birthday. She had a give-away and I was the lucky one chosen for her gift! I met Denise through a tea blog a few years ago and we just clicked. Isn't it funny how that happens with blogger friends? She was going through a tough time and I wrote her a message. I still remember that. She has sent me some very sweet little goodies over the years. I love her and since she lives in California, I do hope we will meet someday.
The box is just the perfect thing to share this Tea Time Thursday.

 She knows I love Mary Engelbriet so the box was decorated with ME tea time cut outs.  I'm going to keep the box in my ME studio. It's just perfect. Love the fairy Denise!

 Quite the box of treats! Denise is very creative and makes darling tags! Some goodies in the box to encourage me to make a few! Of course this wonderful box included some tea time treats... a darling tea book, a tea stamp!, tea sugar and the neatest box of two special spoons- one for sugar and one for jam. So sweet.

THANK YOU so much Denise. I just love my box of lovely things. I hope you had a great birthday. I may have to steal your idea when my birthday rolls around.  


Bernideen said...

What fun stuff Linda! Love it all!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Denise is very creative. Great gift. The good thing blog is to meet people very cute. Keep in touch

Denise said...

Your so welcome sweet friend.Yes,this world of blogging has been a wonderful way to meet kindred spirits and You are one of mine.Love Denise

Stephanie said...

Such lovely, beautiful items from Denise - she is a sweetie just like you!

Have a wonderful weekend, friend. Love and hugs!

Susan said...

Glad you were the well deserving winner, Linda. Denise's package was delightful. Susan

Karen Frost said...

Lots of lovelies, there, Linda and a very thoughtful friend! Love that tea pot stamp! <3 xo