Friday, September 20, 2013

Northwest Quilting Expo

Yesterday I went to the Northwest Quilting Expo with my friend Nancy. We went to bible study in the morning and zipped off to the show. We even ate lunch in the car so we didn't waste any time! The show is filled with quilts and vendors and all sorts of things to drool over. It was fun to go with Nancy as she personally knows many of the award winning quilters. Nancy is an excellent quilter and she just makes me want to become a better quilter!

That's Nancy on the right. She's a long arm quilter and was buying patterns for her machine. I enjoyed watching her pick her new ones and it will be fun to see her finished work in the future. I could never be a long arm quilter!

Here's some of the quilts on display that I really liked. We both thought this would be fun not to worry about straight sides!

Enjoy the quilts!

Lots of quilting on this one.  It was just a lovely quilt.

I loved the woven sashings on this quilt.

This red and white quilt was made by one of Nancy's friends.

Another award winning quilt done by one of Nancy's friends. She does all the the quilting work with a regular sewing machine and handwork. I loved all the little details. Lots to look at and enjoy.

Here's a modern applique quilt. Isn't it just wonderful...little houses within a house.

Can you see the mice and the cats? I loved this one too.

Quilting has always fascinated me. Looking at such creative quilting is inspiring but it also makes me realize that I am truly a beginner! 


Denise said...

So good to hear from You.I love all the quilts and such talented ladies. It sounds like You had so much fun :) I'm glad.-Denise

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful design proposals and comforters. I like the design of the house. Interesting visit with your friend. Keep in touch

janice15 said...

I enjoyed my visit with all the lovely quilts.. I'm always amazed by Quilter abilities... Happy Autumn with love Janice

Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda. That show had some really exquisite quilts. Zowee.

So glad you got to go!

Linda, what's a long arm quilter? Don't know what kind of quilting that is! Susan

Rose said...

I really enjoyed this quilt show, too.