Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy September Days

Fall is coming and I signed up for a few fall exchanges. The person who will be getting this group of goodies doesn't follow my blog, so I am safe to share the goodies. It was fun to gather up fall items as I LOVE autumn. It starts on Sunday.

Jimmy is in Idaho with his friends at his gold mine camp. They like to play mountain men, fish and some will bow hunt for deer.
This is a cool cabinet that we found last spring at an estate sale. I had to talk him into buying it. He was so happy that he did as he can put all his cooking spices and such in it and it just closes up. Pretty classy.

When Jimmy is out of town, I tend to fill up my days with fun.I think I over plan to be honest.
Monday night, Angie, Chris, Ava and Otto invited me over for dinner. It was so nice. This is still new to me. I love being with my family.

Ava is into the American Dolls and is hoping for one for Christmas. She is looking at all the dolls here on line and telling me all about them. Love it!

Angie and cute. He was too hot in his little outfit and was crabby. She made him more comfy and he was a happy camper. He has been gaining just fine now as you can see!

 I just adore this picture of Otto. He was lovingly looking at his mama. So sweet.

My SIL Chris spoils me with special treats. This was fantastic. Thanks Chris.

Yesterday was the first day of my new quilting group. We meet once a month from 9:30 to 2:30. It will be so fun to have time to quilt and chat. My friend Nancy started it and this is her quilt. She is sooo good at quilting and pushes me a bit. I need that. We hope to have more ladies join us each month.

So I better get going and get something done today! I will be playing again tomorrow. I hope you are looking forward to fall as I am.


Susan said...

Hi Linda...Ohhhh, the baby is so darling. I can see where your heart is filled with so much love.

Glad you are having some fun time while Jimmy is away.

Take care and have a good Thursday! Susan

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What a sweet group of fall things for a swap. You did well!
OK- is it just me or do Jimmy and Otto look just alike?
They are both darn cute! ;)