Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Show Time!

It's show time again for Jimmy! The summer show is always a bit different. There is an outside area open only in the summer, so it's a larger show. Jim worked so hard for weeks getting his items all cleaned and priced and ready to tempt his buyers! He loves it. After a rocky start with Duane's truck going out on the the way to unload all his goodies on Thursday, the Early Bird show on Friday was a great success. You just have to go with the flow and Jim did quite well!

Jim invited our son in law Eric, to come and join him. Eric is into watches and this was his first show. It was really fun to have him with us on Friday! Don't these two look cool? Eric will be back on Sunday.

Goofing around a  bit!

Eric's watches after he sold quite a few and his vintage sunglasses. People were loving them. I think Eric is hooked! He's great with his customers and good a selling.

Here he is enjoying a little girl and her cute.

You can see our neighbor's littel family in the background. We met them a few years back at the show and were so happy to be next to them again. Little Wilder is 41/2 already! He is sooo cute!

Jim's goods....all set up and ready to sell!

I'm hoping this little doll bed sells as it's TOO tempting. It's really cute.

I have dinner ready for my Jimmy with fresh Oregon berries. I know he'll be tired, but happy tonight. I've chatted with him a few times and he's been having another great day! He sure enjoys his retirement "job"! I'll be helping him pack up tomorrow. I've lost track of how many shows he's done now. He does about 4-5 a year. It sure keeps him out of trouble...ha ha ha!


Bernideen said...

I hope they do really well!

Denise said...

Hi Linda!Yes,I too hope He comes home a happy Man.I know He does no matter what sells, because He has You to keep ;)