Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy Weekend!

 The definition of BUSY~full of activity! Well, that sure sums up my weekend. I helped Jim set up his booth for the Portland Garage Sale on Friday. It looked pretty good and he was all set up for the sale on Saturday. He did well, but had to work pretty hard!

Our daughter Gina came down from Seattle and we met Angie and her for dinner after we set up for the show. It was so fun to visit with our girls and get caught up on things.

I took a road trip on Saturday to Tillamook on the coast with three of my friends....Nancy, Natalie and Ann. We had a great time and went to tea at La Tea Da's. I will save that special blog for Tea Time Thursday this week.

We also went to the Latimer Quilt Museum and were able to go into the repository to view some vintage quilts. It was just fascinating and of course I was in heaven. I hope to share that this coming week too.

As I was driving home and Jim was packing up his show, we got a call from the girls again. Ava was wanting us ALL to have dinner, so we met them at Heidi's and had another fun dinner. Chris wanted the Matterhorn dessert to share and that was pretty funny. We were all just having fun and after the week of sadness in Boston, it was good to be together. We did miss Eric but will see him next Friday.

 Miss Ava waiting for that dessert!

The Matterhorn ice cream sundae. Grab a spoon and dig in everyone! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

My sweet Gina. Ava is just in love with her. I think Gina got worn out this weekend. Six year olds are full of life and very busy!

You never know what to expect from Chris! Funny guy..... love his Space Needle tee shirt. Angie wasn't feeling well but still had a good time. Cute couple, nice people and so special to be together.
More fun memories.


Sylvia said...

WOW I would have loved to have been at that garage sale. The ice cream looks so good but huge!

La Tea Dah said...

What a fun week-end! I look forward to your LaTeaDa post on Thursday! And the quilt museum? I haven't been there yet --- but it's always on my list. We usually get detoured by the cheese factory. ;P

Tea in Texas said...

Grad you could play with your friends and family! Jim certainly had a great booth at the sale. The dessert was hugh and such a happy face on the darling little girls face. I know you enjoyed every moment and thanks for sharing.


Linda Fox said...

You guys are making lots of happy memories.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, that sounded like an absolutely perfect weekend. Great times!

I can't wait to see the post on La Tea Dah's. We follow each other so it will be great to see her tea room! wow wow wow That'll be super!

Take care. Susan