Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Rainy Day in April~

Isn't this an adorable print? It's for sale on ETSY by Sarah Jane Studios. I love the fact that this little miss is carrying her umbrella and is splashing through the mud puddles in her polka dot boots!
We have had such beautiful weather, but today, it turned to April showers that will surely bring those May flowers.

But the weather had nothing to do with the mood of the day. What a happy day I had on this rainy day. It was my turn to take dessert to bible study. I made a yummy strawberry dish that was a hit. Jim and I are trying to get back on our healthy eating this week, so I didn't want to take the leftovers home. One of the guys from the church stopped by and was drooling, so I offered him a piece. He said,"Oh dear lady, if I ate one, four other gentlemen in the next room would be upset with me!" I told him to come with me and we dished up the remaining dessert. He was so happy and I was so excited to share the dessert with others.

My bible study and quilter friend Nancy (Nice Nancy)  has been on the sub list for the upcoming retreat at the beach for months. It just seems like she wasn't going to get to attend this year. When we left bible today, I told her I had resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn't to be this year. She said she still had hope!

So this afternoon, she called me to tell me she is going AND will be staying in my room! I am still jumping up and down. The retreat starts on Sunday...not too far away! I feeling so thankful this evening.

Silly rain showers can't damper my day!


Karen Frost said...

Lovely thoughts today, Linda! So nice of you to share your sweet treat with your gentleman friends and how dear that your friend is able to go on retreat with you! I hope you have a good time full of many blessings. xoxo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a sweet print! We are having lots of April showers here! Enjoy your time with your friend!
hugs, Linda

janice15 said...

very Sweet she is...we had rain nite before and yesterday...It's still cloudy out though with the sun peeping through..Have a wonderful weekend with love Janice

La Tea Dah said...

Very neat that Nancy will be able to attend retreat and be your roommate!

You sent your rain our way. What a storm! It was amazing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We had just a few sprinkles of rain last night and it was much needed. I sure love this art, I'm going to see if I can find her on Etsy. Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs!

Maria said...

Hello. I'm visiting from Blueberry Cottage ...saw that you are a former teacher too, so thought I 'd pop over :-) I see that you are also trying not to eat too much dessert, just like my DH and I. We're getting good....leftover sweets now languish in the fridge rather than getting scoffed! My neighbour's grandson is very handy to have around as he will eat them up for us! Lol

Susan said...

That is an adorable print, Linda.

What kind of strawberry dessert did you make?

Why don't you do a post on it?

Have a wonderful time at the retreat! Susan