Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Quilting and More Fun!

I spent last Friday at my friend Lynda's house, working on a quilt for her son. He picked out the fabrics and it was a challenge trying to put this all together. Lynda and I enjoy more traditional quilts this was a bit hard for us both. We had it spread all over the floor! She is just getting into quilting so she doesn't have a design wall. This is a very rough beginning shown here!

We made quite a mess in her living room! A true work in progress.

This is Lynda, carefully packing up each row by row, as I finished cutting out the strips that we found we needed along the way. I am sorry I didn't get a better picture of my friend!
We got it all figured out, cut out, pressed and ready to go! She would like to finish it for a Christmas gift. She has a gal who will long arm quilt it and I need to call that lady to get my dad's quilt finished up.

On Friday, Jim and I went to the Heart of the Country craft show in Troutdale. It's an annual show near home, with really nice items done by the Larch Mt Artists. Some of the profits go to our Troutdale parks, the Corbett Schools and the Vista House. Here is a picture of the Vista House which is an awesome place to visit, not far from our house. It sits up on the Columbia River Gorge.

The show is held at our little Glenn Otto park in Troutdale. Here's some of the items that are offered.

Jim is checking out....a good place to begin some Christmas shopping. the clerk was having some trouble with the new cash register! We had fun.

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