Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teacup Thursday #65

Happy Teacup Thursday~hosted by Miss Spenser of  Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday. This is my 65th week to share a cup and saucer. People ask me how many teacups I have and actually, I don't know! I sell some and give others away.
Don't you just love carnations? This is such a pretty teacup by Taylor Kent of England. It brings back memories of my childhood. When we lived in Long Beach CA, my mom grew lots of carnations. I've never been able to grow them as well. I don't think we get as much sun here in Oregon. Ahhhh....I can smell that sweet scent now.

I love children's china and have found a few pieces this spring and summer at some of the shows and  estate sales. I thought I'd share a few of the older pieces this week.

I love ABC plates and I have been hoping to find one for awhile.

This sweet little linen ABC book is the perfect addition to the children's china. It's from 1899.

This little plate has had a hard life, but I still love it, especially the center picture. Charming.

I hope you are having a lovely week. It's been another busy one for me. Etsy is doing well!
My daughter Gina's wedding is getting closer. Lots to do and lots of fun things to plan and enjoy.
My oldest daughter is working on Gina's special "pink" shower. It's going to be so pretty and beautiful.


Linda said...

Ah planning a wedding. I remember those days. Lots of fun but lots of work. I'm fine, just focused on trying to get this weight off before my next doctor apt. in Aug. Not going anywhere, no money. We've been to see the lavender a couple of time. My own lavender is looking beautiful this year. Linda

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Linda! I've been away so long. Your teacup is lovely and I like the childrens china. I especially like the linen childrens book, it looks so sweet. Your daughters pink shower sounds like its going to be so pretty!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Love your teacup! Like watercolor paintings!And the children's china is so much fun!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Weddings are always lovely to look forward to, and also a lot of work. Love your teacup. It's very pretty! Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


Susan said...

Hi Linda....Hope you've had a lovely week, too. Your cup is a treasure. Loved it. Susan