Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tasha Tudor find on vacation!

Jim and I are having such a nice vacation. We're in a beautiful little cottage in Sequim by the water. I've gotten behind on posts from Coupeville and Langley, but will try to catch up later today. I wasn't sure if we'd have internet service here, but we do.
You can enjoy the water and a beautiful view, even from bed! Pretty special, heh? The ferry crossing was nice yesterday and coming back into Port Townsend is always a joy as it is one of my favorite cities.We'll spend a day there before we head home on Wednesday. This is lavender country, so will have to visit a farm or two.
We went to the store yesterday for a few groceries and had a shrimp salad, bread and a bottle of wine, sitting outside in the sunshine here at our little home away from home. The sun was out and it was perfect!
Jim is still snoozing. I've been enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a few magazines.
I am so thankful for such a trip as this...batteries are getting recharged and it's been nice to be away from things for awhile.
So here's my big score! We stopped at a thrift shoppe near Coupeville on the way home from Langley. It was close to their closing time, so didn't want to keep the clerks. I ran upstairs to check out the books and there was a Tasha Tudor first edition with a slip cover...can you see the price tag????? 45¢


Rosetta said...

Mi piace quando le persone sono felici con le cose semplici|Buona vacanza|Baci,Rosetta

Jane said...

Great find!

Bernideen said...

This is a wonderful keepsake and treasure!