Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Lovely Afternoon in Washington!

Jim and I are having such a nice trip! The weather has been perfect and it's great to be outside in such a beautiful place...we love Poulsbo.
I was invited to spend the afternoon at Angie's home today for tea and friendship! Just one more great thing about our Tasha Tudor group...friendship! Had so much fun with Clarice, her mom Linda, Auberne' and Chloe, and John and Elizabeth. Jim dropped me off and then came back to pick me up and he had a bit of time to visit with Angie and Linda for awhile. He did get to meet Clarice and her girls earlier too, so now he knows who I'm always talking about.
I am so blessed to have such sweet and giving friends who welcome me into their homes and fill me with yummy food! The company is more than words can express.
I did miss my dear friend LaVonne from Montana...she's with me so often when we get together, it was sad she wasn't with us today. We all missed her company and her laughter. I'm hoping she'll come out again this fall and we can have some more laughs!
You can see by these pictures that Jim is having lots of fun in the sun! He just loves to be outside after all those years being stuck in the back of a pharmacy. Ahhhh...retired life is good!
The town of Pouslbo is really a wonderful little town. Tomorrow we are heading up to Port Gamble....I hear there's a quilt shoppe there!
If you head on over to my Facebook page, you can see more pictures from today's tea time with Clarice and Angie! Thanks again to Clarice for setting today up and for opening your home up to me again Angie. You guys are the best!


Antiques And Teacups said...

How funny! We were in Poulsbo today for a day out from home in Sequim. Wasn't it a lovely day?

Antiques And Teacups said...

Forgot to say...And there's a tea room in Port Gamble :)!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh it was wonderful to see you today and to meet Jim. Your hubby is so sweet. I hope you have fun today. By the way where is that picture of Jim sitting eating? I cannot place that space.
Love Clarice