Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thoughts on life

I went to Olympia Washington yesterday with members of my family to attend the funeral of my cousin Cathy's husband....Jim Conolly. He had battled cancer for a year. The church was filled as this man had lived quite a life. He was a lawyer but not the typical type that we often think of when we hear the title. Kind and giving and fun loving. I wish I had known him. It's funny how years slip by and we become so very busy that we never get to know someone. I felt badly as I sat in the beautiful church and listened to the kind words spoken by his family and friends. Well done good and faithful servant-you ran a good race.
My cousin is so sad-the days head will be long for her. She has her first grandchild coming in April, so that circle of life really does go on. JOY is coming dear cousin.
I was happy to reunite with some of my cousins. This is my mother's side-Smith-and sadly, they could never get along. It was wonderful to see that the nasty cycle has been broken and our generation will be remembered differently. We talked of having a gathering this summer. We need a happy time to be together and walk in the sunshine.
It snowed a bit last night and more may greet us later in the upcoming week. It is winter.
Winter allows us time to reflect on life...does it not? Take peace, take joy.


fabraholic said...

You are so right, time goes by way too fast. So glad to read that the family is getting together again. We had a break in the family, on my mothers side too for many years. It has been mended for several years and I am so thankful. We are all close now. Blessings to you and your family.

Storybook Woods said...

I am sorry for your loss Linda but it does cause us to be greatful for what we do have xox Clarice