Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking for JOY!

During the Christmas season the word JOY kept running through my head. I began to think that I need to concentrate on the word and I decided that I need to look for JOY, take JOY (thank you Tasha), create JOY~basically just find more JOY, put more JOY into my life and to be thankful for the JOY that comes my way.

Each month I plan to focus on a new area of JOY.

January....the JOY of winter, being inside and keeping my house.
February....the JOY of friendship.
March....the JOY of quilting and sewing.

April....the JOY of creating.
May....the JOY of motherhood and gardening.
June...the JOY of having a husband.

July....the JOY of local produce.
August...the JOY of Tasha Tudor.
September...the JOY of cooking.

October...the JOY of autumn.
November....the JOY of family.
December....the JOY of Christmas.

Happy New Year filled with JOY!
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LaVonne said...

Linda, this post brought a childhood Bible song to mind that I hadn't thought of since my kids were in Sunday School!
Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I love the part that says, "peace that passes understanding"!

Lady Linda said...

Oh thanks LaVonne....I love that song. I was wanting to tie in a bible quote along the way and this is just so sweet! Kindred Spirits.

Angie said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Linda!

I hope your holidays were filled with fun and happiness.

And I love your month by month Joy reminders. We need to focus on the positive! I like it.

Love to you and yours-

Gina Marie said...

What a great idea! Love you!