Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to reality!

We all had a wonderful trip to Idaho. The gals spent the time quilting,
well, first I had to teach my niece Laura how to sew. She caught on
quickly and I think she will be a natural at quilting. Started a small
patchwork quilt with her and she did a great job. The guys played
mountain men up at the gold mine camp. It was a fun trip but a very
long drive back and forth.
The weekend was spent at the Expo Antique Show. Our first time as dealers and as my friend LaVonne
said, we've gone from collectors to dealers! It was so fun to watch
Angie and Gina in action. Boy, that merchant blood will never leave.
They sent us home on Saturday and were wheeling and dealing. Made
enough to pay for a Christmas trip to the beach this year and it financed a few other things. Yes...we will do it again.
We were all pooped and need a few days to rest!

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LaVonne said...

I can't wait for more pics!