Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tea Time Thursday #4

Happy Tea Time Thursday! I have been saving this little trio by Paragon for the Valentine season. It's so sweet and it's the only trio I own. I never used to pay attention to such sets, but now I find them charming!

I took these photos in the evening in my tea room. I love little lights at night. These are little pink clear hearts and they just add a nice touch when it's dark. My friend Karlene calls them "mood lighting". When I went to visit her she would turn on little lights when it got dark. I love the soft glow of little lights of any kind.

You can see the sweet little roses in this photo. The set is trimmed in silver too which is a nice break from the gold of most of my teacups.

The colors of the tea tin just went nicely with the tea cup set. I really enjoy Harney and Son's teas. This is the Diamond Jubilee blend. It's quite nice.

This little prim heart was made by one of my Tasha Tudor friends a few years ago for a Valentine exchange. I like it with my rose bud potpourri.

A few weeks before Christmas I was at a sale and saw this sweet little box. I wondered what was inside...boy, was I surprised. it's a little candle! I thought maybe there was a small doll living inside.
I can't believe these things survive. I have never seen one like this. As another friend would say....ADORABLE!

She is a cutie! I will take care of her now and give her a good home. I think she likes living in the tea room with all the dolls.


Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda, that little dolly candle IS adorable. Imagine your surprise when you opened that box.

The heart is sweet, too. Thanks for sharing and have a nice Thursday. Susan

LaVonne said...

You're so right!

Elizabeth Green said...

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