Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th

The count down to Valentine's Day continues! Are you getting ready for the big day? I am.

Spent most of the day yesterday with my dad and had a nice day. I got his snowmen down and put up his Valentine decorations. He still likes to have his little apartment ready for each new holiday. My sister used to set up for him, but she has been busy and I seem to have inherited the job.

When I came home, I made my Valentine candies that will be going with my handmade Valentine cards. Still a secret, so can't show you pictures yet. I am pleased at how they turned out.

On to the cards today! I have my paper hearts, glue, ribbon, pretty papers and all my other embellishments ready . One more cup of coffee and off to work I go....what a job...crafting my brains out as my friend Nancy always says!


Micupoftea~ said...

SOunds fun, Linda! I put out the Valentine towels yesterday :)

Susan said...

I love Valentine's Day, Linda. Such a fun holiday. Love to decorate and send out a few cards, too, especially to new babies! Susan

Jemma said...

Love your sweet blog! Following You!!