Thursday, February 28, 2013

TASHA TUDOR First Friday Book Review~A Tale for Easter

Welcome to the first day of MARCH and to my Tasha Tudor First Friday book review. Easter is so early this year-March 31st-so I thought I had better get this review in now or I would miss the season!

A Tale for Easter was first published in 1941 by the Oxford University Press, London by the same company who published the first 3 books written by Tasha. The editor was still Eunice Blake.  It was a bit larger book that her first three books which are also referred to as the Sylvie (her little niece) books.
In my information, it was noted that this book was written when Tasha was quite young and living in Connecticut. The traditions, customs and weather were a bit different from her time in Vermont. Interesting and something I may not have thought about. The book is 32 pages long.

The book was reprinted by Simon and Schuster in 1977 and is 6 3/4" x 6 3/4". March is coming in here in Oregon like a "lamb" so the new cover  on the reprint is perfect!  Several changes were made when the book was redone. The original book was written in calligraphy and that was changed to a regular print. The pages were changed around a bit. Some of the colors in the later edition are more colorful.

So, what is this little sweet story about? It's described as a spring story, told in the second person narrative. It's very old fashioned, with period dresses and items pictured. The little miss goes to sleep on Easter eve and has several dreams that take her with the young fawn past animals and daffodils and other Easter time treats. She wakes up to find decorated eggs in her bonnet and a magical surprise with her Easter morning breakfast on the table. I won't spoil the surprise.

In 1977, the  Tasha Tudor Sampler was published by the David McKay Company of New York. It features three of Tasha's books and they are all very special stories. As you can see from the cover, the text is done in calligraphy.

but if you are interested in the Easter tree, be sure and read through this one. The book is one of my favorites as I love the holidays.


Deborah said...

Great reveiw, the pictures are so beautiful :) hope you have a wonderfully happy weekend sweetie.

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Ps love the new look of your blog page :)

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Linda,
Oh, I never tire of seeing Tasha's wonderful artwork. I am not familiar with the Easter one and the last picture with the Easter tree has me wanting more. Thank you for sharing that and...
The Sunbonnet kids. I love them too. You have some great pix. I love the one where she is hanging on the 3 dimensional wash. So darling. My mother used to love to quilt them. Thanks for the memory.
Best, Ruthie from:

Denise said...

Thank you Linda for visiting Me.always nice to see you drop by.Such pretty illustrations and I always enjoy learning from your reviews.-Hugs Denise

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

sandy said...

I've always loved Tasha Tudor. I have some of her books that I collected as my children grew up. I now have a Pinterest board of Tasha's artwork. I love her lifestyle also! It always seemed so simple and romantic to me.
sandy :)

Jemma said...


Your blog is always a pleasure to visit, it is so soothing and inspiring! Such darling pictures for your book review and I enjoy your writing so much!!


Jemma said...

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Susan said...

Oh, Linda. Charming, darling, adorable book. Thanks for sharing. Susan

ByLightOfMoon said...

Hi Linda,

I adore Tasha Tudor too! She was so inspiring and lovely! I have a couple of her books I look at often in my bookcase!

Thanks for sharing this with us and I love your blog! I am now a new followed too!
Smiles, Cyndi