Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday # 168...Another Day With Ava

Ava was over today, so I didn't have time for tea. One of my Tasha Tudor friends was asking to see some of our tea cozies. I was working down in my sewing cottage with Ava, so I was looking at some of my ME tea things. I love this book. It's really just so charming. I never tire of it.

A great Jane Austen quote with a wonderful illustration by Mary Engelbriet.

Summer means more time babysitting for Grandma Linda. I had Ava today and Otto tomorrow. I love being a grandmother, but I sure get tired out.

This is my tea cozy that I made years ago. It's my favorite pattern for a homemade tea cozy.
I have made many of these but I have given most away as gifts.

This is my funny tea cozy. She is more like a doll. Her head is painted on a large wooden bead like object. She makes me smile.

When Ava arrived this morning, I decided to make stamp shortbread cookies with her. It fun to watch her in the kitchen. She enjoys it and even knows how to clean up.

Ready for the oven!

They turned out great and they are so good with tea. They are almond flavored.

I also wanted to start teaching Ava to sew on the machine. She has done a bit of handwork. Her other grandma sews, but Ava wasn't to interested to do it with her. I made a big deal about her doing so well and we made a simple pillowcase. It's a beginning. She was really proud of it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #167 Summer Time

It is summer in the Pacific NW for sure...really hot and a bit humid now. My car is in the shop once again, as is my sister's and my daughter's! I wonder if our extreme hot weather has caused problems for the vehicles. It makes you wonder. So, I am still sorting through boxes and we are almost done!

I found three really lovely green teacups today. They just look like summer. All are English bone china cup and saucers.

A nice find! Who knows how long they were packed away. I have so many pink teacups so these are a bit different for me.

Soft colors.....

Interesting pattern....

Pretty design inside the cup...I do love that!

Our daughter got home from Mexico last Saturday and is still sick. She has traveled to 13 countries and to rural Mexico in the past and has never been sick. She is leaving for Bali on Thursday, so I am really hoping she is better. She has been to the doctor and is improving slowly. I have only traveled to Canada and I think that's fine with me.

No hot tea for me today. I have more medical tests scheduled...sigh. I need to get to bed tonight as Otto will be waiting for Grandma Linda bright and early.

Did you see the full moon last night? It is so pretty.