Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queen Victoria

I've been reading a wonderful book that my husband gave me at Christmas- Victoria's Daughters by Jerrold M. Packard. I love the Victorian times and enjoy learning everything I can about the queen. It's an easy read and a fun book to cuddle up with at the end of the day. I tend to read more in the summer, but I can hardly put this one down! The only thing about reading at night is I can't stay awake too long to enjoy the book...I get sleepy.

The book give a lot of history about Queen Victoria as you go along the birth of each of her children. It does focus on her daughters but you are given a great deal of information about all the children and life in Victorian times.

I've always wondered why tartan plaid was so popular during the Victorian era. I didn't realize that Queen Victoria was crazy about it when she bought and rebuilt the castle at Balmoral. She really gave the local cottage industry a short in the arm with her love of plaids. I read that some of her decorating was over the top with her use of tartan plaids. I'd really like to explore more about this! I often see sewing antiques in plaid boxes from that time period. I'm sure some of my tea friends have been to this region. It is a beautiful place. Maybe someday......

I did read that Albert designed a Balmoral tartan plaid.

The rains have stopped and while the sun isn't shining today, it is dry! I think I need a cup of tea now. My friend brought me some from Scotland last year and I think I have one left! The perfect day to enjoy.

I do hope you are having a nice day. Tomorrow is the first of February! I think I'm going to do picture a day before Valentine's Day like the advent pix I did before Christmas last Dec. Something fun to post each day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Oh, what a wet, wet, wet day! So much rain once again. Yes, it is winter in Oregon yet it is hard to be in and out in this weather.
Jim and I went to a few sales today. He scored big at one with wonderful art and interesting pieces. He sold so much and needs to replace his inventory for the March 1,2 and 3rd antique show that  really is not too far away. We had to do quite a bit of driving and the rain was endless.
It was so good to come home, get the fire going, fix a little dinner and just get cozy.
Tomorrow begins a new week with much to do and a new month ahead....February. Oh, I love February and Valentines and red and pink hearts and yes, chocolates. I am reminded of my theme for the your heart right? Time to reflect.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teacup Thursday #43

I just have had so many things going, I can't seem to get to my blog except to post my Teacup Thursday posts! Another week has slipped by. I spent last weekend helping Jim set up his booth for his antique show  at the Clark Co Fairgrounds in Washington. I forgot to take my camera when we set up, so these pictures are from the last day. He had a very successful show! The next one will be in March at the Expo Center in Oregon.

I'm now the owner of this darling wooden cradle.

I think I need to make a quilt for this one. Next project???
Here's something that I got last summer in Port Townsend and I never got to share it. It's a glove press...pretty cool, huh?

Oh yes, it is Teacup Thursday! I was going to show another Christmas gift, but I packed it away until after Valentines. It will make a good spring feature. I do have one to share that was also a gift. My friend Lynda gave this to me as she thought it should live in my tea room. It's a bit different as it's a moustache
cup. It's really lovely and is marked but I just can't read it at all.

As most of you know, I'm a big Tasha Tudor fan. I received my first newsletter from the Tasha Tudor Museum. It is so exciting, wonderful reading with lots of pictures. I so hopeful that the family will be able to build a very special museum...maybe open her home someday as a museum!

Do have a great week ahead, just incase I don't post again until next Teacup Thrusday. Thank you Miss Spenser for hosting our special Thursdays.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teacup Thursday #42

I can't believe that I didn't post at all since last Teacup Thursday! Here it is Thursday and time for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday. It was a busy week and the quilt retreat was just great. I forgot how nice it was to actually attend one as a guest. I hope to still do a post about it.

I'm sharing two more gifts from dear friends. Kristen gave me 3 lovely rose snack tray sets made my Lefton, hand painted. She was here last Valentine's Day from MA and this was part of my Christmas present. They just go so perfect in my tea room...sweet of her to pick something so perfect.

Last year, some of my friends decided to participate in a handmade gift exchange. When I saw my friend Lisa from California at the retreat, she had my gift for me. It's so darling and again, just the perfect colors for my tea room. She made it and I'm going to slip my Valentine cards into it...won't that be cute?

I love the ribbon rose in the corner . Thanks so much dear did a great job.

When I was taking down my Christmas things and putting back my everyday items in my tea room, I found this sweet little book. It's been filled in and came from a very small town in Central Oregon.

Here's an entry for "Thrusday" that is very sweet and the author offers some advise.

Winter paid us a visit last night...a beautiful snowfall. Temps warmed up this morning and it's all gone tonight. Now there's concern about all the rain that is coming our way and flooding. Ah, winter.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teacup Thursday #41

Oh my goodness, this week slipped by so quickly! It's time for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday once again. I do hope our friends are well and over their colds. Donna and her family have been working so hard on their new B&B to accompany their lovely tea room. I am hoping to visit this year with some of my Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirits.
Isn't this a beautiful teacup? My dear friend Angie Bickerton gave it to me for Christmas. It's so elegant and such a lovely gift. Thanks again Angie for such a perfect gift!

I love this book  "If Teacups Could Talk" and it was one of the first tea books I bought quite a few years ago. I was thinking how fun it would be if all my teacups could talk and tell you about each dear friend that has given me a special gift. Don't you think it's amazing how many different teacups were made? I am constantly surprised each week as you share your cup and saucers with me on Teacup Thursday.  I also enjoy the other posts from Tea Cup Tuesday, etc. I can barely keep up with one per week....don't know how you can handle more that one! This sharing has given me new internet friends and I have learned so much about the many companies that made or are still making teapots and teacups.

So, back to my cup for today. It's made by Kaiser of West Germany. I had to do a bit of research on it as I have never had a cup with these marks.

This is another gift I was given at Christmas from my friend Kristen who lives in Massachusetts. I don't know if she knew that I had admired one on a Teacup Thursday post and was wishing for one! It's a lovely lacy tea cozy-just for show. The little paper shoe resting on it is made by Christine LeFever. I love it.

I found this little purse at the bins a few years ago and I thought it went with todays offerings. It lives in my tearoom.

I won't be on the computer this weekend. I'm going away to a quilt retreat at Piece Lodge in Washington. It will be a treat to attend one and not have to be giving one! I hope to get some projects done.
I took a lot of photos today for my Etsy shoppe and have done the editing. I need to post them now, so I better be getting back to work. My knee is a bit better today. I hope it's a lot better by Friday for my trip.
Yesterday, it was hurting so badly, I could hardly walk. I may be seeing a doctor soon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Lovely Sunday~More Dolls to Admire!

Jim and I took the day off and headed out for Oregon City and the the country. We made a stop at one estate sale and then stumbled into The Oregon Antique Mall in Oregon City. It has recently opened by new owners Trish and Scott and they were just delightful. The building has been redone, is light and airy, and the staff was so kind and helpful. They offer free coffee and they have provided a nice little area to just sit and chat with other customers.

We had so much fun and found some treasures of course. While I was wondering around, I found two booths that belong to one of our local doll makers, Christine LeFever. Her dolls are lovely and you might enjoy her blog which I have listed in my blogs that I follow. Here's a few pictures of some of her dolls from her blog pictures.

I also found some sweet little books that she has written. So cute and just perfect for all the things I love.

Oh yes, one more thing...Christine LeFever is also a fan of Tasha Tudor...need I say more?

After our shopping, Jim and I drove out to our friends Pat and Bernie Hintz's farm to buy some apples, walnuts, pears, onions, their delicious apple cider and potatoes. They are just so funny and we had such a nice chat with them.  Stopped at our favorite little cozy restaurant Top O Hill restaurant for a comfort
food dinner.

I'm watching season 2 of Downton  Abbey- the perfect ending of a perfect day. A gorgeous full moon is out tonight too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teacup Thursday #40

My dear friend Sha gave me this wonderful book on tea in the East and it's a lovely different look at enjoying tea. It's filled with wonderful yummy and interesting recipes along with beautiful pictures.

Years ago, I bought this three piece cup that is just great for brewing a single cup of loose tea. The lid becomes a coaster. I have been wanting to find a couple more to share tea with my girls when they come over or my company. I think they're great because everyone can choose their own tea and with the built in strainer, the little cups really brew a nice cup of tea!

Jim and I went to a flea market last Sunday. The first thing I saw when I walked through the door was two of these cups. I was so excited as I have looked on the internet and have not been able to find any more to order.

 The rose pattern is the original. My new cups feature a flying crane and all are a lovely shade of green.

Thanks Miss Spenser for hosting our Teacup Thursday.  If you like tea and teacups, please join the fun on her blog. It's posted on my list of favorites on the right hand side of my blog.

I'm just about done packing up all my Christmas goodies and decorations. One more day. I was given some charming tea cups and tea items for Christmas. I hope next week I am back to normal and can show some of my thoughtful gifts.  Happy Tea Time!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was moving some boxes around the other day and found my tub marked knitting. I pulled my needles out and decided to try a bit of knitting again. I am such a beginner, but I like to sit and knit. I found some blue wool yarn at the bins a few weeks ago and discovered some lighter blue in my stash that went so nicely with it. I found a great DVD last summer at the bins, so popped it in the player and worked my way through the refresher course. Perfect! I'm almost done with a nice little scarf to wear with my jeans.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions....AKA Goals

Jim and I had a lazy day and took advantage of it being the last day of the holiday season. I'm still trying to get over this cough that has been lingering on. It's back to work tomorrow, even for us retired folk!
Etsy orders to ship, Christmas decoration to take down, laundry waiting to be done and it's my week to see dad and get back into that routine.
I did have time to think about some New Year's resolutions. I prefer to think of them as goals~something to work toward, improve or even change in my life. Oh yes, the list is always long, but what do I really want to improve this year?* Healthy eating is always on the top of the list. I haven't been doing too well with this one over the holidays!  Jim and I want to expand our gardening this year and grow a few more things. We were happy with our results last summer and think we can expand.
*I want to give God His time everyday and spend more time in His Word.
*I hope to get my cottage in better working order. I'm moving forward to it becoming a studio....someday!
*I'm learning more about Etsy and hope that my shoppe becomes more "me" and I'd like to be ahead on the holiday posts and maybe add more handmade items.
*I'd like to spend more time with friends or maybe I should say, I need to make more time for friends. I so enjoyed being with special friends over the Christmas season.
*I hope to spend more time sewing and quilting this year. It's always my wish to make more time for both. I really want to sew my poor dolls more outfits. I have patterns, books, fabric and excuses.
*I so want to slow down and enjoy the journey everyday....
So I think I have some special goals that have great meaning to me and I'm asking God to help me reach my goals for 2012 whle I keep MY HEART RIGHT!