Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I was moving some boxes around the other day and found my tub marked knitting. I pulled my needles out and decided to try a bit of knitting again. I am such a beginner, but I like to sit and knit. I found some blue wool yarn at the bins a few weeks ago and discovered some lighter blue in my stash that went so nicely with it. I found a great DVD last summer at the bins, so popped it in the player and worked my way through the refresher course. Perfect! I'm almost done with a nice little scarf to wear with my jeans.


LaVonne said...

wanna see!

Jane said...

Yeah, Linda. I love knitting.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Heading to bed...finally, but wanted to say...I admire you for knitting! Miss Spenser can whip things out like you wouldn't believe...irritates me actually! ha. She is making a beautiful sweater right now - will have her send you a picture when it's done. She's tried to teach me several times...let's just say, I can crochet...maybe I will learn to knit when I am in the nursing home??