Monday, June 26, 2017

Pixie Fest on the Oregon Coast

Papa Jimmy and Grandma Linda had a great adventure with the Wirth family last weekend! We had planned to go to the Oregon Coast at Lincoln City for this event, but with all the car problem, we really thought we would be grounded. BUT...we got the car back and were able to drive down to the beach Friday morning. It was so hot and topped out at 89 degrees on Saturday!

As you can see from the photos, the weather was just great! The Pixie Fest was held on the side of the Casino...Chinook Winds.

Jimmy and I used to go to Pixie Kitchen in Lincoln City and took the kids when there were little.It was a fun restaurant with scenes out the window of pixies!  We took my sister Alisa when she was little and she loved Pixie Land!

This is the view out the window of the restaurant.

All of these boards and were in the memory exhibit building. It was just great and so fun to see all of this again!

My girls had these little pink coin purses!

My SIL Chris has ALL of the Pixie Land figures...just a couple here to see.

This flyer is actually on one of the tables from the restaurant. Everyone loved them. They had a center of sand with little shells and things to look at inside.

Otto and the mermaid! That poor thing had to sit out in the heat all day!

Chris and Ava found one of the pixies! They were just so much fun and were running around the grounds.

Smile with the pixie!

Mommy, Otto and Daddy...all so excited to be at the Pixie Fest!

Waiting in line with Papa for the rides!

Otto was so excited to ride the big kid's ride! This was the first time he was tall enough.

They had to ride the train around the grounds. It was a bit of a wait.

Otto found a little beetle to entertain himself.

Of course, big sister wanted to see it too!

Here comes the train...all aboard!

Otto, Mommy and Ava...waiting for the train to take off.

This was always one of my favorite cutouts at the restaurant.

This is an original poster, advertising the lounge...the SHELL ROOM.

Of course, they had to replicate the shell room, which was a hit with the hot weather!

The night before, we all went to dinner at The Sea Hag in Depot Bay. Jimmy is always ready for a good seafood dinner. It was yummy!

The guys and their steamer clams!

One happy Grandma Linda with her sweeties...Otto and Ava!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and the kids wanted ice cream and time in our room WITHOUT their parents. It was so cute.

Gina was also in Lincoln City with a group of students from her school. We did get to see her for about an hour on Saturday morning for a short visit. I think she may be coming home again this weekend.

It was just really a fun weekend. It's great to be a grandparent. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Found Dolly Treasures

I haven't been blogging too much as we are in the process of going through lots of tubs of stuff. We are almost out of one storage unit. I went through all of these tubs on Tuesday. Lots to donate, sell or keep.

One of the treasures I found were these two half doll brushes. They were used as lint brushes or to brush away crumbs. Sometimes, they were just used to decorate a vanity.

They are both marked Germany and do have numbers on their backs.

This is my favorite and the first one I bought. We bought it shortly after we were married...almost 44 years ago.

We finally got my car back after a return to the car repair place. We are hoping to go down to the coast tomorrow for the Pixie Fest. More on that later!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Delectable Mountain Cloth

When I was in Vermont last month, my Tasha Tudor friends wanted to take me to a very specials fabric store. I have been hearing about this shoppe...The Delectable Mountain since my first trip back in 2007. Oh, it is an amazing fabric store, unlike anything I have ever seen! I spent quite some time there and could have stayed even longer! It was like walking into a pretty and filled with so many delightful fabrics.

This is how they displayed their buttons. So much to look at!

 A shot at the magic of it all.

This is the owner and her helper. The owner was such a kick and very helpful. The shop has a great appeal for doll makers. Beautiful silks and taffetas.

Don't you just love all the hats? Wonderful.

A lot of the fabric is on rolled bolts.

I was drawn to the flat folds as it was easier to mix and match the fabrics.

This is my little stash from Vermont. I wish you could really see how beautiful these fabrics are. I am hoping to make some doll clothes.

The fabrics were pretty expensive, but so worth every penny.

Future doll clothes...I am hoping!