Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Good Sunday morning blogger friends. I trust that you had a nice Easter Sunday last week and time to reflect on it all during this past Easter week. Our family had  a very busy week  but we are all well and safe and happy. I have several friends who are dealing with health issues and difficult family issues. So many to pray for this upcoming week. I guess that why I chose this lovely photo with great verses. I especially like the last one. We get so crazy busy in the world we live in....sometime, we just NEED to BE STILL and know that God is there and He is in control.

Have a good week blogger friends. I am off to a quilt retreat soon and will be gone until Friday!  Pretty exciting with lots of projects I hope to get done! If not, what a great opportunity just to be with friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tea Time Thursday and Quilts

Happy Tea Time Thursday! Today after our charity sewing at the church, my friend Nancy invited me to attend a quilt show in Clark County WA with her. She had a quilt in the exhibit and I was excited to get to go. This was a small quilt with a tea theme, so I thought it would be perfect today for Tea Time Thursday!

There were also some local vendors and I found this great larger tea bag holder pattern. It folds up  and yet, holds many tea bags.  I love little projects like this. I'm going on a quilt retreat next week, so this may be a fun little project to make up.

This is BJ and  Nancy. They are sister-in-laws and are both great quilters. They are admiring a lovely quilt called Vintage Valentine. It was just beautiful.

This contemporary quilt was done by Nancy! She took a class and learned how to make this pattern.

Here's a little sampling of some of the quilts. I enjoyed the show because their was a nice variety of quilts. Enjoy the little grouping.

This quilt was really interesting. The maker had found 10 embroidered blocks at the Goodwill. SHe rescued them and finished this little charmer.

This quilt was also made from a vintage find. She took apart the Desden Plates and redid them into a new block. I really thought this was a great idea.

I was pleased to see a miniature section! SO cute.

I hope you enjoyed my photos! Tea time!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I like to celebrate this Easter Week and let all the fun memories sink in. It was a busy weekend, with church activities and family fun. I so enjoyed it all and feel very blessed. These are some beautiful egg wraps from the Russian store that my  SIL Chris picked up. He thought I would really enjoy the ones with the churches. I think they are all just so pretty.

Now that we have Ava and Otto in our lives, the holidays are just so much more fun! We waited a very long time for these grandchildren, but it sure was worth the wait! These little monkeys have stolen our hearts.

We managed to get in the egg hunt before the hail, thunder and lightening appeared. Otto had no problem figuring it all out! So fun to watch the kids.

Chris always makes sure we have fun food to celebrate the holidays. The bunny cake was so cute and the candies are very special chocolate eggs he brought home from his trip to New Orleans.

More treats from New Orleans...special macaroon cookies and a pecan egg. SOOOO yummy!

Otto was ready for that cake!

My daughter Angie is such a good mom. She works and still manages to do it all! I know how hard that is Ang...good job!

We went to a seafood restaurant for an early dinner. In between rain showers, we were able to get a few more pictures of the kids.

So serious and so grown up! Our little man will be two in July! Hard to believe.

We missed our Eric and Gina, but had a nice Easter with our family that is here. We Skyped the kids after dinner and that was fun and helped the mama who was missing her other kids. Enjoy your week and let it all soak in. Off to babysit...busy week. Grandma K is in Colorado, so Jimmy and Linda are babysitting all week! Hard on the old folks, but a joy.

I spent yesterday with my dad...Happy Birthday Dad! He turns 86 today. Love ya dad.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #71 and The Little Grey Rabbit Books

Happy Tea Time Thursday! It seems that this Easter season is just zipping  by so quickly! Today I am sharing this sweet little Bunny Teapot that I found recently at the Salem flea market. It is very soft and very sweet. It was made by Takahashi. I used to but a great deal from that company when I was a gift buyer.

It was a great deal and I just liked the look of it before I discovered who made it.

This is a fun little porcelain bunny stand that I found at our local craft shoppe. The store was using them to display teacups...great idea! I am using it to show off my egg covered box that my mom gave me when I was in high school. I have always loved it.

At Christmas, Jimmy gifted me with these darling little books by Alison Uttley. She was an English writer who wrote over 100 books. The Little Grey Rabbit series is just so fun and very popular. She was born in England in 1884 and lived until 1976. She was a teacher and an artist. Like many other woman writers and illustrators of the time, she wrote to support her son after her husband died.

LITTLE GREY RABBIT GOES TO THE SEA is a favorite of mine.  I love all the illustrations.
The illustrator for most of the series was Margaret Tempest who lived from 1892-1082. I really couldn't find much information about her. The last 5 books in this series were written by another illustrator~Katherine Wigglesworth.

I haven't had the opportunity to read them all yet, but I am hoping to do that very soon.

I might have to have a cup of tea and sit down with some fun reading! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tasha Tudor Gift Exchange~Year of the Sheep

Our Tasha Tudor group~TAKE PEACE~enjoys several gift exchanges during the year. It started many years ago with an Easter egg ornament swap for our Easter trees. Of course, the tradition comes from Tasha who made Easter trees for her children. Most of us have an Easter tree or two! I have one in my tea room that I have decorated with all of the gifts from my friends. As we progressed on, we decided to pick a theme and do a one on one exchange. LaVonne was in charge of this year's event. She raises sheep in Montana, and as this is the YEAR OF THE SHEEP, she choose a sheep or lamb theme. It was a bit challenging to find little goodies, but we managed!

My Tasha friend Joyce had my name. This is the sweet note card that came with my gift! Everyone loves the graphics and did you notice, the little girl is holding a doll? Perfect!

I couldn't wait to open my package! In fact, I didn't wait for Easter this time as I usually do.

Joyce sent me two baskets...one for me and one for Miss Annabelle of Oregon! Lucky little lady.

My basket is actually a little lamb! Inside, she tucked in a wonderful sheep and little sheep chocolate candies. YUMMY!

How sweet of her to remember Miss Annabelle! Such a sweet treat with little goodies and a tiny card.
I will open both baskets on Easter Sunday. Can you see the small pink sheep? It's a miniature lamb cake for Annabelle. Joyce said it's handmade and signed on the bottom!

There is also a little bunny paper basket inside. I just love having friends who like to play dolls. I know, but I just love dolls and miniatures and all!

The other day, I received another package! SURPRISE! It was an Easter box from my friend LaVonne! More goodies to enjoy. I love the funny little sheep card...so LaVonne!

She knows I love Mary Engelbreit and the hatbox is darling. I wondered if there was anything inside?
Oh yes.....

She ordered this little nuthead miss for me! We both collect nuthead dolls. They are hard to find and are usually handmade.

Such a cute face with her little hat and basket! She is made of pipe cleaners and someone crocheted her little apron. She is just so charming and adorable.  What a very special gift.

I also love this darling little metal egg! I don't think LaVonne knows that I have a little collection of these. She had a gift for Otto and even a chocolate bunny for Jimmy! We are spoiled by this friend!

There was one more WONDERFUL gift tucked in the box....a jar of Raw Honey from Russia! She took a class on bee keeping and was able to purchase this at the class. I can't wait to try it. It's almost too good to use!

So BIG THANK YOUS to my Tasha Tudor friends...Joyce and LaVonne!

We are getting buckets of rain today! I was able to do a lot of yardwork yesterday before the rains appeared. We have had very little rain for months and now the weatherman says we are in a changing pattern....expect rain for two weeks! We need it so badly, so I am not going to complain! We had hail this morning and now I hear thunder! Ah....spring.