Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday....St Nicholas Day!

Happy St Nicholas Day! Our family didn't enjoy this celebration when I was growing up. I didn't do it with my children either. After I got into my Tasha Tudor group, it became a fun day to really kick off the holiday season. Tasha always had tea so it's fun to have a special day with my Tasha friends all over the USA.

St Nick paid a visit to our house last night and filled our wooden shoes! So fun.

A few things friends have sent and things I have collected over the years. It's just fun!

My doll Annabelle put her little shoe out and St Nicholas left her some goodies too, so guess she was a good girl this year.

Since I got sick in August, I have had to really learn to eat differently. I am doing better and it's getting a little easier. I haven't had a tea or been to tea during this time. I have to skip the scones and baked goods, so wasn't sure how to put a tea together. I didn't want to miss having tea today, as I have had a tea for Jimmy and me on December 6th for years. So, I just jumped in and did my best, just having a small tea with and keeping it kind of healthy.

I had fresh strawberries, tomato and cucumbers with cute little picks and open face curry chicken sandwiches to cut down on the bread. I did have one tiny piece of chocolate cheese cake and there were spiced cookies for Jimmy and a few candies. I skipped my coffee this morning and had two cups of tea this afternoon.

Love using all my Spode Christmas china. I just love it, always have.

I always enjoy this tea at Christmas...just a nice blend to set the mood.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. It didn't last too long but it sure was pretty. Temps are dipping tonight and the east wind is going to pick up tonight. That's a set up for ice and snow where I live. Looks like Thursday will be the bad day. That's my birthday, so we are planning to just staying home and stay cozy. It may be a good day to work on my Christmas cards! I love to do that.

I FINALLY got to see the podiatrist yesterday. The boot is gone and I now have a very light weight  ankle brace. I need to get some good lace up shoes. The young doctor was great and a good listener. I did have to have a cortisone shot. I did pretty good with it and today the pain is so much better. It's a first step and at least something has been done for my problem...three months later! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Thoughts...Peace

We light the second candle this Sunday on our Advent wreath...the Peace candle.

I had a lovely weekend until tonight when everything just sort of fell apart. So many things to handle, so many needy people in my lift and in my family. So, I find myself asking tonight, Lord, where is the peace?

In the quiet of the evening, I find myself thinking of trying to find peace in this world. There is no lasting peace here. Things can be great one minute and quickly turn before you know it. That's life.
So, we long for the Prince of Peace who came as a tiny baby to a hurting world. We long for Him to restore this world someday, bringing the peace that only He can offer.

Someday the Prince of Peace will reign and we will know His lasting peace. I choose to believe that promise. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December, Happy Day!

Happy December! It is my birthday month and one of my favorite months of the year.

I had a busy day but I got some good news when I saw the kidney specialist. I was so nervous and worried. The doctor was so kind and caring. Oh, how I have been blessed with such wonderful doctors. She started the visit off by saying how much I have been through in the past 3 months and wanted me to talk about it. WOW....pretty cool to have a doctor understand. Of course, that made me tear up and look for the Kleenex box. Anyway, she explained that my kidney levels were fine until they put me in the hospital. She thinks it may be the medications, so she made some changes and wants me to be call if I have any problems. I have to have more lab tests on Monday and again in two weeks and then we will have a conference call on December 28. I can do that!

I have been decorating all week, so I needed to just get out for awhile. I did some errand and then had tea when I returned home in one of my best December teacups/ You can't beat Royal Albert! I especially like this pretty cup and saucer.

I seem to share this little miss every year, but I just love her. I have had this little birthday angel since I was a little girl. I don't know how she survived all the moves when I was growing up. She just makes me smile and I keep her in the kitchen so I see her everyday.

I have to share a darling early birthday gift that my friend Nancy sent t o me. It's a tea Advent calendar. I have never seen one and think it's just darling. I am having a hard time opening it! I am always like that with pretty soap or stationery. Funny, I know.

I can't remember who gave me this Christmas teaspooon, but I love using it every season.

The day was slipping away when I took this photo. I love the soft lights of December. It's been a long day and time for bed. Happy December.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorating Papa's Apartment

Last Saturday, some of our family went over to my dad's to decorate his apartment for Christmas. Angie and Otto brought Papa a box of candy and Otto couldn't wait to give it to Papa!

Oh yes, look at that smile and the candy in his little hand! He wanted Papa to have one too and picked one out for him.

Papa and his great grandson having a chocolate treat. I am not sure which one was enjoying it more!

My sister Alisa and her son Markie took the tree out into the hall and put it together. Such a big help to me.

Gina was enjoying the fun and was taking a walk down memory lane. Lots of memories for the kids.

Otto found some little cars from the village to play with for awhile. He LOVES cars.

Angie is always so good at displaying the village scene on top of his TV. That's her job.

Sisters decorating the tree.

Markie and Papa were remembering some of the old ornaments before they went onto the tree.

Otto really got into the decorating. He told us..."I like decorating!" It's interesting how much little ones grow up and change in one year.

My much joy in my life. Now I have a sweet grandson to throw in the mix. JOY JOY JOY!

Yep, he was having fun. He was pretty proud of his accomplishments.

Then he discovered he could hang them on the garland around the bottom of the tree! So funny.

So the next generation has taken it's place in the circle of life. It's a special time and I love all those smiles. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Otto and Santa

I will be decorating for Christmas the next few days and probably won't be on the computer very much. I just wanted to post this picture of my Otto with Santa. We had so much fun last Saturday with mommy and Aunt Gi Gi in downtown Gresham. Otto wasn't afraid of him at all and REALLY got into the whole Santa thing. I hope to post more later about our fun day at my dad's too. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Thoughts.....Hope and Anticipation

It's the first Sunday of Advent! I love the custom of the Advent wreath and although we didn't have one when I was growing up, I have always enjoyed having one  in our home since our children were little. It helps me focus on my Lord during all the business of the Christmas season. I like to sit in my tea room in the mornings and have that quiet time before the day begins. I love soft candlelight and find it calming.

I also try to find devotionals or prayers for the season. It's good to have new readings to ponder over each year.  Of course, I love the HOPE candle and oh, don't we all need hope? I was doing some reading this morning about waiting and anticipation.

The Jewish people were longing for the Messiah. They were filled with hope as they waited for His coming. As a Christian, I believe that hope was fulfilled with the birth of that little baby in that humble manger. God kept his promise. So as we prepare our hearts for Christmas, we are thankful for that first coming.

So, where does the anticipation come into the picture? As Christians, we know the second coming of Christ will happen someday. Are we ready for that promise too? Do we think about that? When you wait for something, there is an anticipation about it all! During that time, you are actually preparing for something. It hit me this morning. Waiting with anticipation! It means we are also full of hope and waiting with excitement.

As Christ hasn't returned yet, He has given us this time to prepare. So think about that today. How can you use this beautiful season of Advent to prepare and anticipate your Lord? Prepare you heart for Christmas and remember His first coming, but go beyond that. God keeps His promises. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Blessed Thanksgiving To You and Yours!

Wishing all my friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you all and pray that you will all be blessed with a lovely and meaningful day and holiday season ahead.