Sunday, May 1, 2016


Happy May Day! It's a new month filled with hope and joy and sunshine and flowers! ENJOY

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wet Friday

It's a very wet spring day here in Oregon. Jim is going to some sales with my friend LaVonne's hubby Chris and their kids (who live in Portland) as Chris is out from Montana for a visit. My knee has been really giving me trouble and last night both of my feet were pretty swollen. I am staying home, but will get to see Chris at dinner tomorrow night.

Jim has my car, so that will really keep me home! I am doing some Etsy work, but wanted to share some of my Thursday Treasures from yesterday that now live in my crafting room. I posted them on my Tasha Tudor Dolly Thursday yesterday too.

As I said yesterday, dollies have to do wash too!

I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. I had to pick this uncut booklet up earlier this winter at a sale. It's so cute.

The dollies are driving their wash on a little wooden clothes line...complete with little clothes pins!

This is the little red metal wash tub and scrub board that I found recently. I think it all goes together quite well!

Enough playing...time to get back to my Etsy site. I just fixed a nice cup of tea.

Have a good weekend. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Treasures

Fun finds last weekend at 3 great estate sales. Some weeks you just find lots of treasures and perfect things. I love vintage baby clothes and accessories....bibs, hats and little jackets.

The little booties with the ball faces are way too cute!

This little book is is from the 1950's. It's a cloth book for little ones. I just love the graphics.

It's always a delight to find sewing items. I like to use the vintage wooden embroidery hoops for my embroidery projects.

Fun to find paper items and holiday goodies.

A bit of cooking anyone?

Some of my favorite finds! One of the houses had a lot of queen things. I didn't have a cream and sugar and the mug is fabulous.

Toys and dolly finds...yes! The little aluminum covered cake plate is a piece of the aluminum dinner sets that I have never seen before...very cute. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #110

Slipping in here before the end of the day with a Tea Time Tuesday post! I worked today, so am a bit late with my post. I am helping my friend Sandra price things for an upcoming estate sale. It's one of the things on my bucket list! I have always wanted to work an estate sale!  So, I am having a cup of tea and a little treat to end the busy day.

I was having a difficult day yesterday. My mailman brought me a wonderful package! My Tasha Tudor friend Nancy, sent me some yummy tea, a darling and thoughtful card and a darling little hand embroidered kitchen towel. The teacup is a new one I just found last weekend.

Isn't it just so pretty? It's Made in England by Foley. I think it's just so perfect for spring with it's soft colors and delicate flowers.

So before the day is done, I'm enjoying that Chai tea, a Madeleine and a bit of chocolate! I have just a bit of time to read my Southern Lady magazine before bedtime.

Hope you had time for a cup of tea today. It's chilly tonight, so a cup of tea and a fire in the wood stove feels just great. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I'm so excited as today my daughter's MIL, sweet Kathy, has invited us to for Seder dinner. She is a Messianic Jew and it should be very interesting. I have experienced a Seder evening before, but it will be very personal this time. Happy Passover week. 

What a week!

WOW...this past week was sure not what I planned last Sunday! We needed to watch our little Otto 3 days, so on Tuesday, I brought him over to our home for a change up. It was really hot, 85+ for a few days. It's too early for that kind of heat! At least it is for this grandma! He ran around the backyard chasing bubbles and balls and we all had a great time. He's getting so little monkey man. He is a funny one who loves to make Gma laugh. I can't believe he is almost 3 years old already.

Then on Wednesday, my dad had a dental appointment. Jim took me to the play gym with Otto and then took dad to the dentist. We had no idea he had to have 2 teeth removed and 3 roots cut out. Poor guy. He needed a lot of care and sure couldn't be left alone, so Jim and I took turns for the next 3 days going over to be with him. He is doing really good now and will have to heal for a couple weeks before he has to have more work done.

I missed posting my  Tasha Dolly Thursday post with my Thursday finds too! Just too busy. This is the doll I posted on my Tasha group. She is Mary Lennox from the Secret Garden book. Tasha Tudor illustrated the book. It's one that is so available, I think all Tasha fans own a copy.

She was put out by a company called Kids-At-Heart. I have read in the past that there were problems with the production of the dolls and they didn't make them very long. Mine is fine. I had an opportunity to buy her at a very good price and my Tasha friend told me to buy it!

I recently found this book for my Tasha library at the Cellar Door books in New Hampshire. We got to visit John and Jill who own the shoppe last summer. I has never seen the book and it is just wonderful. A great and fun addition filled with all kinds of fun crafts and recipes...lots of tea time recipes.

 Friday was also the full moon! I didn't take this photo and couldn't find the person who did take it. This month is the full pink moon. I love this photo of the moon and our beautiful Mt Hood. We often call the mountain, Old Dad Hood! I get to see this mountain everyday.

I do hope this next week will be a bit more quite...but who knows! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stephanie's 8th Teacup Exchange

Good morning...I am just posting this photo again to join in with Stephanie's 8th annual teacup exchange.reveal. My dad is having some dental work and needs help again, so will edit this later. If you scroll down to March 31st on my blog posts, you will find a proper thank you to Tonia for my wonderful gifts and more pictures.