Friday, April 4, 2014

First Friday Tasha Tudor Book Review~Tasha Tudor's Treaure

Happy April! It's a new month and Easter is nearing. Don't you love this print by Tasha Tudor? I think it's perfect for spring with daffodils and a darling bunny.
I am getting so excited about my trip and I must confess, I have been spending a lot of time looking at my Tasha books and Pinterest boards in my spare time!

With Easter approaching, I thought it would be fun to explore this little set of books. The set of three is called Tasha Tudor's Treasure. It was originally published by Oxford University Press and later Henry Z Walck reprinted First Prayers and First Graces and encouraged Tasha to come up with a third book-
First Graces. He later published the three little books in a cardboard slipcover.

The set includes First Prayers, First Graces and More Prayers. Each has it's own book jacket. They are small, perfect for a child's little hands.

First Prayers was published in 1952 and is a collections of prayers including the Lord's Prayer, various grace before meals and of course, the 23rd Psalm.

First Graces was published in 1955 and is made up of 21 prayers of thanksgiving. This illustrations is about Thanksgiving. The pictures are so sweet and as usual, Tasha has chosen to feature children in her drawings.

More Prayers published in 1967 and is the last in the trio. The book shares scripture verses and more psalms.   This is a page from the book.

I have had this little set since the early 1980's and they are all very sweet. First Graces is my favorite of the three.

Waiting for Easter.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

R is for Rabbit and T is for Tea Time Thursday #37

My blogger friend Erica made me this rabbit last year as part of an Easter exchange I did with her. It's a darling rabbit that sits on a vintage block...R is for Rabbit! That gave me the idea to share some of the "rabbits" that live in my tea room. This little bunny is just a soft sculpture rabbit with a sweet little pink dress.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day decorating for spring and Easter. The days and weeks just slip but so quickly and I wanted to be able to enjoy the decorations for awhile. This little guy riding the bunny reminds me of my little Otto! Otto smiles more and is much happier!

I love this little plush bunny all dolled up in her Easter outfit. The wonderful pink egg was also made by Erica. It's so pretty.

I love paper mache Easter eggs. This one holding the pussy willows just looks so Victorian. I like the color and the graphics.

This rabbit has a very Old World look!

This white bunny is a litte pul toy.

A few weeks ago, Jim and I were at the Monticello Antique Mall and I found this charming little cup
and saucer.  I bought it from one of my favorite vendors. It's child size and was made in Germany.

Don't you think the little transfers are so cute. It just had to come home with me. It's perfect with the little teapot and matching cream and sugar coming up in the next set of pictures.

Another pretty bunny with has little baskets.

My daughter Gina gave me this little teapot and cream and sugar set as a Ghristmas gift  a few years back. I had packed it away and just fround it again. Chicks and flowers.

Happy Tea Time Thursday. Stop by tomorrow for a Tasha Tufor book review.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dreaming and Working on a Doll's Fair

Doll fair! What's a doll fair you ask? If you are a Tasha Tudor fan, you know that she had doll fairs for her children and their dolls. This is one picture to give you an idea. The fair would be made up of different booths selling a variety of goodies. It has always been a dream of my Tasha friends to have a doll fair for our dolls. I'm going to Gathering in May back in Vermont to see my friends, attend a Garden Tour at Tasha' home where this time, we will get to see her dollhouse! We have been busy planning all kinds of things. My friend LaVonne just made the frame for our booth at the doll fair and has mailed it to me from Montana. I will  make the fabric covering for it. More to come....
Anyway, the dolls use buttons for currency....tiny buttons.
Since I'm a quilter, I have been gathering sewing miniatures for a few years and am trying to decide how to put these things together for the booth. I am also working on some mini quilts. Pretty fun.
I have been looking at vintage and new sewing baskets and boxes, hoping for some ideas. Enjoy!

You'll be hearing a lot about my upcoming trip and plans. I am just soooo excited. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Quick Day Trip to Seattle

Last week, my daughter Angie and grandson Otto rode the train to Seattle to visit my other daughter Gina and her hubby Eric. Jim and I have been missing our Seattle kids, so we drove up Friday morning to be with them and then we could drive Ang and Otto back home. I just hate the traffic in Seattle, but it's always worth it to see the kids! The "sisters" are very close and this gave them a bit of time to spend together. They both live busy lives and these times are special.

It's hard for Aunt Gina and Uncle Eric living out of town when it comes to watching the baby grow. He changes so quickly. Thank goodness for our phones and computers these days!

On this visit, Otto learned to crawl, wave goodbye and open and shut his little hand...kind of an second wave. Eric and Gina's home is just so nice and so spacious for company.

We went out to for dinner before leaving for home. Of course, Otto is the center of our attention. Eric had made a video of Otto crying and then put it in slow motion. It was so funny...he sounded like a dinosaur! We were watching it and laughing while we were waiting for our table.

Three of the MENFOLK in our family....doesn't Eric look handsome? He's all dressed up and looking fine! We missed you Chris!

My girls...sisters! I just love them and treasure the times I have just being with them. Thanks for the memories kids! It was fun.

The kids got a new car! It's a SOUL by KIA and is a nice little car. Gina took Jimmy and I for a ride around their lovely neighborhood. They live close to a beautiful park that even has a beach. Such a pretty area.

The proud new owner! You HAVE to have a good car when you live in Seattle!

Eric pulled this photo up for us. He grew up in Alaska and he was sooo excited when MacDonalds came to town! Here he is with Ronald MacDonald. Isn't it just the cutest picture!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Happy Sunday. Good sermon this morning at church with lots to think about going into a new week.
For my Christian blogger friends, I hope you are making good progress during this season of Lent.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scrapbooking My ATAA Card Exchanges

Oh what a dreary, rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest! My flower beds are flooded again. I just can't plant anything for awhile yet as this weather usually finds us in March! So, I decided to make a cup of tea and finish my St. Pat's scrapbook. You may remember that I got some very nice scrapbooks on clearance in January. I love keeping scrapbooks for my card exchanges. I have participated in three of them now with my wonderful tea group-ATAA- Afternoon Tea Across America.

The Victorians loved scrapbooking. Woman and children kept them and enjoyed saving all kinds of paper goodies. I have never been lucky enough to find a vintage one that I could afford, but I have purchased lots of ephemera from them at various sales over my many years of collecting. I just love to keep paper things and find it very fun to make simple pages to keep my cards and other paper goodies.

I chose this book for my St Pat's cards. I may use it for my spring ATAA card exchanges coming up.
Enjoy my pages and a little look at the cards and sweet tuck ins I received.

These are the card that I made for the St Patrick's card exchange this year. I like to make my cards when I have time or get inspired!

I didn't share my Valentine scrapbook earlier, so here it is! Being a quilter, I love the patchwork look of this album. I was able to slip one of my card on the front of this sweet book. Perfect!

One of the  pages had an envelop and worked just great for the recipes I received. I can easily take them out when I want to use them.

This is the beautiful title page of our ATAA page on Facebook. It belongs to our moderator, LaDonna Lateadah, who takes just lovely pictures, so I want to give her the credit! If you'd like to join our group, please contact LaDonna and she will sign you up.

LaDonna's beautiful photo!
A very big thank you to all who joined our last two exchanges! It really is so much fun. Our next one is for Easter. In an exchange, you send a card, a tea bag and some little flat tuck ins. I have all my treats for the Easter exchange, so I need to get them ready to mail.  We will be doing a very interesting and more challenging one in May....Queen Victoria Day! I have a few ideas, but haven't quite finished up on that one.

I do believe I see a bit of sunshine!!!