Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #49 and Souvenirs

Most of you know that I am a big Lincoln fan and my Jimmy is from Springfiled, Illinois...THE LAND OF LINCOLN! I found this interesting cup and saucer from New Salem, Illinois. Yes, a souvenir. I love cheesy souvenirs and I think this qualifies for just that. Poor Abe, he looks a bit stern I do believe.

Whenever I get to go back to Illinois, I love to go to all the places on the Lincoln tour. New Salem is a lovely historic park, about 20 miles outside of Springfield. It is a reconstructed village where the young Abraham Lincoln spent 6 years of his life. Volunteers dress up and enjoy telling you about life in the 1830's when Lincoln lived and worked in New Salem. I'm not sure when this teacup was sold there and I'm not sure how it migrated to Oregon, but it's in my collection now.

We all look at Mr. Lincoln on our pennies often. So what can you get for a penny anymore? The very first penny was issued in 1909. I like the graphics of this Abraham Lincoln.

I collect "smashed pennies" so that's what you can do with a penny! I bought this Penny Passport at a souvenir shop at the beach...yes, another souvenir! So, what is a smashed penny?

Many tourist places have these machines. You put in your penny and usually two quarters. You turn the crank and an imprint is stamped onto your smashed penny.

Yes, there was a machine at the wonderful Lincoln Museum in Springfield and I had to get a Lincoln image on my Lincoln penny!  The first penny I ever got was one that a favorite uncle, my Uncle Rich, gave to me when I was a little girl. It has the Lord's Prayer stamped on it and I don't know how it never got lost, but I still have it. My uncle died really young and I have always treasured it.

This is my latest addition to my collection. It's from Alaska when we were visiting earlier this summer.

Maybe it would be fun to put together a bracelet like this one!  I love bracelets.

Happy Tea Time Thursday and happy souvenir gathering and hunting. I know this is a little different than most of my Tea Time Thursday posts, but I had fun with it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September Full Moon Tonight!

Did you notice the moon the last few nights? It is bright and big and just beautiful! It's actually full tonight-September 8th. It has cooled off a bit here in Oregon and it feels a bit like fall, a warm fall day.
I love to find the names of the full moon.  Here's just a few...HARVEST, CORN and BARLEY.

I snapped this photo last night when I was out watering after such a hot day. It was so pretty peeking between my big maple trees. I hope you can see it where you live tonight. I'm going out for another look!

It's also my daughter Gina and SIL Eric's second wedding anniversary today. It's amazing how quickly the years slip by. The traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary is cotton. We filled a bag of cotton balls with some dollar bills for fun! It was Jimmy's idea...pretty cute.

Waiting for fall....have a great week blogger friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doll Show

Last Saturday, Jim and I went to the Crossroad's Doll and Teddy Bear show. There are two a year and I just wait for them! They are so much fun and it's just so neat to see lots of dolls and accessories. I really like the vintage dolls the best.

I love to see who attends these shows...I talked with the sweetest little older lady who was just thrilled to be at the show. It was a delight just to watch her.

Jim's a good sport to go with me. He looks for things he might be able to sell and also likes to study prices. He goes to so many Estate sales, so these shows are helpful.

Here's a little look at the goodies that came home with me. I try to be selective. I will sell a few things.

Jimmy spotted this little dolly quilt. I am always on the lookout for dolly quilts.

I adore the graphics on this baby shoe box! I love the look of the art of this time period. Each side has a different picture....so cute.

This folk art GRANNY is handmade, is sitting on a little chair and is reading her little bible. The dealer said she came from Montana.

These two dollies look like they were made with an Edith Flack Ackely doll pattern. The vendor wasn't sure, but thought they might be. I have gotten into rag dolls lately, so they just called to me. Of course, the dealer offered me a discount if I bought both of them...so now I have two. I couldn't resist and they can live in my Mary Engelbreit cottage quite nicely.

And now for my very favorite new addition for my doll collection. I first saw the box on a table and wondered what was inside. I thought it might just be an empty box, but when I opened it, I was so happy to see what was inside! It had a little dolly and a sewing kit with a bit of fabric for making her an outfit. Pretty cute for a sewer and a dolly collector. It's just the right color to live in my tea room.

The next show....Valentine's Day 2015~a bit of time to save up some spending money.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #48

Oh my goodness, it has been such a busy week! After helping my dad the first two days of the week, the next two days were spent babysitting Otto. Everyone has a new schedule that will soon be routine, even for Jimmy and Linda. So before this Thursday slips away, I would like to wish you a Happy Tea Time Thursday!

I'm very anxious for fall and fall decorating, but the weather is warm and still summer like, so I will wait...just a little longer. I have been planning, of course! So today, I'd like to share this lovely little vintage cup and saucer. I bought it not long ago at an Estate sale. It's so delicate and I love the look, especially the dainty little purple violets.

I did a wee it of research on the marking on the bottom of the cup. It's probably from the mid 1800's and was made in Germany by the Carl Tielsch Company.  It's in pretty good condition for it's age and it is bone china.

The sweet little thing just called to me and I HAD to take it home. This one is a keeper and will join the many others in my tearoom. Don't you just wonder what kind of life this little teacup has enjoyed?

I thought it would be fun today to look at a few of my tea time books that I haven't thumbed through for quite awhile. Jane Pettigrew has written 15 tea books and gives workshops around the world. This was one of my first tea books and I have always enjoyed it, especially the holiday sections.

STEEPED IN TRADITION by Frances Hoffman is quite a great book to enjoy. It has a lot of history about tea and vintage pictures too. Frances grew up in England and then moved to Ontario Canada. Recipes are also included.

This last book is a fairly recent addition to my collection. It's a great book for different tea time sandwiches...."Tastefully Small".  Several photos are also included to share the recipes.

I fixed a cup of Bigelow's English Breakfast tea and spent some time reading and enjoying my books. A very nice way to relax this " almost fall afternoon".

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School

As I was once a "mean old school teacher" (one of Jimmy's favorite names for me), I still think about my teaching days as each September rolls around and a new school year begins. I no longer have children who go out the door with new outfits and new school supplies, but I do have grandchildren, so the cycle continues. Ava is starting second grade at a brand new school this morning. She's a bit nervous, but she will be fine.

I was the first of my siblings to teach.I taught first and second grade and did some subbing before and after full time teaching work. I didn't teach too many years as we started our family and began buying retails drug stores and gift shoppes. My brother was a principal, my two sisters are still teaching, my niece Amanda is beginning her 5th year of teaching, my daughter Gina teaches on the college level in Seattle and my daughter Angie just got a new job in the office at Centennial Middle School. What can i say...it must be in our blood!

This is my whistle from my teaching days. I just had to keep it. It brings back so many memories when I look at it. Ahhhh, recess duty!

Being a collector, I seem to pick up vintage school items here and there and thought it would be fun to put a little grouping together.

I just got this little folk art wooden Mary Had A Little Lamb cut out at the doll show. I couldn't resist.

How things have changed! I'm sure second graders don't do this kind of work anymore. Second grade was my favorite grade to teach.

Isn't this funny? I love the graphics. It's really an odd story but a fun collectable with great graphics.

So as summer closes, this ex teacher has dusted off her project notebook and is ready to start working on her many projects! Company is coming, babysitting begins, a new schedule with dad has started,  quilting shows and retreats are on the horizon and oh, don't forget all the holidays. A full life is my classroom now.