Monday, January 19, 2015

A Busy Weekend Show!

Yep, here's my Jimmy again! He looks pretty tired as this photo was taken after we set up his booth at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Washington last Friday. He does 3 shows in Oregon and 1 in Washington.
The show in January is quite a bit smaller in size, but it actually is a very good selling show for us. He got a double booth this time and it's quite nice to have extra room for the customers to get into the booth. Friday was a bit slow, but wow....he did fantastic on Saturday and yesterday on Sunday. Even the Seahawks playoff game on Sunday didn't spoil his sales. Jim has such a gift for selling and people really love to chat with him. I love to set up the shows and that's my job. All of these pictures are from the set up. I really should have taken some photos of the booth when we take it down! He sold sooo much this time. With a pocketful of $$$ he will have to start shopping again. The next show is the first weekend in March!

This is the "Tasha" section. We call it that in honor of Tasha Tudor...more primitives and wooden items. It sells well at this show and in the fall in Oregon.

The "Men's" section. We have expanded it to 1 1/2 sections as it always brings the guys in. There's a lot of things to tempt women at these shows but not always a lot for the menfolk. Jim does well with this section at the shows.

The 3rd section is mine to play with and try different things. I can work with a theme so the booth always looks a bit different. This time I went with a little Valentine look with red hearts  and red items.
I had fun with this table and we can offer a different type of merchandise this way.

We play around with this white display at each show. This time we filled it with tea cups, kettles and tea time napkins. It's a fun display piece. Think Downton Abbey.

I am thankful for the good show. It's a lot of work, but a fun retirement "hobby" that allows us to make some extra money to go on the hunt to buy for the next show! We are two tired old dogs today! don't thing we will be doing much today.
Our handyman Duane hauls all of this in and out at the shows. Without Duane, we could never do this. Thanks Duane!


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, what a wonderful stall, such lovely things. I am not surprised that you did so well. Take a break and catch up with some well earned rest.

Bernideen said...

I think this booth was wonderful and such nice displays! We may be doing this type of thing after retirement - whenever that is? I love his selections and the white piece shows off the teacups well!

Bernideen said...

Stall - not booth - sounds more interesting!

Susan said...

Hi Linda...Oh, that looks like SOOOO much fun. So much! I'd love to have a booth like that sometime.

I didn't see Jimmy's photo, though. The booth looks super! Such fun, even though it's hard work, too, I'm sure.

Take care. Susan

Debbie Harris said...

Wow! You go to a lot of work setting up and taking down for a show. Bless you!
I would think it would be a wonderful time meeting new people and what conversations must come up. :-)
Your heart table was lovely, Linda.
Rest up.

Joy! Debbie

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your pics. Great plans. Lots of fun. Lovely husband. Keep in touch

Sylvia said...

I love your tea cup display. Looks like a lot of fun and work.