Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #53

Something different for this Tea Time Thursday post! I found this little miss when I was out shopping with my good friend Lynda. Handmade and just a cutie made of wood. It just reminded me of the nursery rhyme " Polly Put the Kettle On". I love nursery rhymes.

I think my little miss looks a lot like the little maid in the graphics below. Her hat and her dress are really similar.

Here are the words for the nursery rhyme and the song. It was first published in 1803 and it is English.

Enjoy a  cup of tea and enjoy the graphics.

I handed over my two quilt tops to my friend Nancy to do the long arm quilting. I will get them back after Thanksgiving...exciting! Pictures will have to wait until after Christmas. I am now working on my Tasha Tudor exchange gifts for St Nicholas Day.

Tomorrow I am going to the Monticello Antique Mall Christmas Open House! I look forward to it and will do some Christmas shopping.

One week until Thanksgiving.!


mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful pictures, I enjoyed your post. Hope you manage to get all your shopping done. Happy thanksgiving.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

'Polly put the kettle on' has been used in many a kitchen at tea time I should think. I've even used the phrase myself when afternoon tea rolls around.
Your new little miss is sweet and does have a kettle in her hand - maybe her name is Polly. :-)
Have fun shopping Linda, it's enough fun to look sometimes even if we don't bring home any new treasures.
I link with a few blogging sisters for Tea Time Tuesday but it could be nice to start a gathering on Thursdays. At first I though your TTT was a link party for the ATTAA group.

Stephanie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, my friend :)

I can't wait to see your quilts! I am sure they will turn out just perfect.

Happy weekend to you! Love and hugs!

Lady Jane said...

Love the little girl, she is adorable. I would name her Polly as it certainly fits her.

Ruth W said...

Just darling! I love the vintage illustrations, and yes, she's a doll!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

She is a cutie! I enjoyed seeing your nursery rhyme song and the sweet graphics. Hope you find some treasures while shopping!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh, I just love this post, Lady Linda!

It's so neat to see those graphics and your new-to-you little wooden miss!

Thanks for your visit - and for your sweet appreciated comments. Have a wonderful weekend!

Bernideen said...

Linda: That is such a cute little wooden piece! Very old looking. Our snow is mostly melted. Yes, I got my sewing machine fixed - new parts there where you turn the dial the tighten the tension. I wish I had more time to sew.

Denise said...

Thank You Linda For being a faithful friend. I use to read this rhyme all the time to My girls.I still recite it to myself. When I became a Grandma I started all the Nursery rhymes over again.One more thing We have in common. :) I love Your new header,so pretty. I wonder sometimes how You get involved and find all these wonderfully fun activities..Hugs and blessings to You-Denise

Denise said...

Oh By the way,I do think that wooden girl did originally come from some kind of set for the rhyme.Just a hunch

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great find. Fabulous artwork. Lovely pics. Keep in touch

Linda said...

Wonderful post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. thank you so much for sharing.

kitty said...

Hi Linda,
I love your sweet little Miss! She looks perfectly at home next to your tea canister.

Zaa said...

I Love nursery rhymes and " Polly Put the Kettle On" is one of my fav's... Certainly your little maid must be a Polly( Ha ha)..Such a sweet posting...Enjoy your shopping...Hugs