Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dreaming and Working on a Doll's Fair

Doll fair! What's a doll fair you ask? If you are a Tasha Tudor fan, you know that she had doll fairs for her children and their dolls. This is one picture to give you an idea. The fair would be made up of different booths selling a variety of goodies. It has always been a dream of my Tasha friends to have a doll fair for our dolls. I'm going to Gathering in May back in Vermont to see my friends, attend a Garden Tour at Tasha' home where this time, we will get to see her dollhouse! We have been busy planning all kinds of things. My friend LaVonne just made the frame for our booth at the doll fair and has mailed it to me from Montana. I will  make the fabric covering for it. More to come....
Anyway, the dolls use buttons for currency....tiny buttons.
Since I'm a quilter, I have been gathering sewing miniatures for a few years and am trying to decide how to put these things together for the booth. I am also working on some mini quilts. Pretty fun.
I have been looking at vintage and new sewing baskets and boxes, hoping for some ideas. Enjoy!

You'll be hearing a lot about my upcoming trip and plans. I am just soooo excited. 


mamasmercantile said...

Wow! How exciting! \what an amazing adventure to plan and work on.

Beth Laverty said...

Things that I love, DOLLS, miniatures and sewing and quilting. The Doll fair sounds amazing. I have a number of Tasha Tudor Books! And those sweet sewing things you have gathered. I REALLY have enjoyed this post!

LaVonne said...

I am going to die from excitement!

Denise said...

I am always so impressed just how adventurous You are.Do You go on these trips without Jimmy?It sounds like so much fun-oh Vermont-I can just imagine-Love Denise