Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness

Oh boy, it's a new month! I love March and all it's hope of spring and fun St Patrick's events. I hang on to my wee bit of Irish heritage and just enjoy it.

I am having trouble loading pictures on to my computer...poor thing is just too old. I still have that NEW LAPTOP on my wish list, but with an unexpected trip to the New England states for a Tasha Tudor Gathering in May, the computer will have to wait.

This past week was so crazy...babysitting my little sweetie Otto and getting ready for this weekend's antique and collectible show. I had a section this time in Jimmy's booth, so it meant a lot more work for me. It was fun, so no complaints.We set up the booth yesterday and had a very good selling day. We gained some new customers who were so much fun. I hope to post pictures soon...maybe.

So, welcome March and I will be spending my day on the computer cleaning out photos and reorganizing. March is coming in like a lion today. Yesterday, it was just so springlike and just lovely.

I hit another milestone on my Etsy site....2000 items sold! Hurray!

Here's an Irish Blessing for my friends. I love the Irish blessings.


mamasmercantile said...

Congratulations on selling 2000 items on your etsy site. How wonderful to look after your grandson, a treasured memory. Have a great weekend.

Joyce Olson said...

Dearest Linda,
Congrats on reaching a very big number! That is so awesome-so proud of you!
Sounds like you have really been busy and in all the best ways possible!

Denise said...

Linda one of My Grandma's was Irish or half, I'm not sure exactly.I have always claimed My pinch of Irish from My Maternal Grammie.I still wish I could hang out with You, because You seem to do things I would enjoy.Oh a trip back East for a convention of Tasha Tudor admirers.Great great fun.I think I'll go visit Your Esty shop-someday I might get into it.2000 sales! Amazingly wonderful.I do need that :) Hugs Denise

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations. I'm happy for your success. Keep in touch

Suzanne said...

I can't believe I AM going to see you again! Congrats pn your etsy store;-)

Susan said...

Wow Linda! That sounds like a full plate. WOWSERS! 2000 items! Fabulous!

And isn't being a Grammie the best?

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well, too! Susan