Monday, January 20, 2014

Cloth Rag Dolls

My Tasha friend Kristen gave me this sweet Christmas card with my gift and said to look up the artist Telka Ackley. I didn't have time for awhile, but finally got around to looking doing a search on the internet. She illustrated the work of Edith Flack Ackley, who was actually her mother. Edith was the one who made the sweet rag dolls. The more I found out about both of these women, the more interested I became. The name seemed familiar and then I went to look at my doll books and found that I owned one of Edith's books....A DOLL SHOP OF YOUR OWN! It is a small world. My friend is the one I can blame for my dolly collections as she made the kits for our Tasha Tudor Annabelle dolls.

This is another book that Edith wrote and of course, I have this on my wish list now! Her dolls are rag dolls. I never thought I would be too interested in cloth rag dolls. Ha ha ha.

Looks like another one for the wish list! I love paper dolls too.

Here is a picture of Edith with her dolls. You can get an look at her work and an idea about her dollies.

This is a picture of Edith and Telka together. I wonder what they are discussing?

Telka's work is charming. Here's some more of her Christmas cards.

This was an article in a magazine in 1934 at Christmas time.

I found this little sweetie at the antique show this weekend. Her tag said 1955, but I'm not sure. She looks a bit older to me. She's in great condition. She loves living in the my sewing cottage!

This one is probably my favorite.I purchased her in October at the show. I love her face.

I found this one last summer at an Estate sale. She is smaller and just fits at the little ME table.

I've had this one for awhile. She is missing her original  dress, but she's still cute. I wish she was all original.

Here's the gang in their new home. They are not Edith Flack dolls, but they are considered cloth rag dolls. There are current digital patterns on Etsy so you can make Edith Flack Ackley dolls. There are also doll clubs that make only EFA dolls, as they call them. Snoop around on the internet if you're interested. Happy dolly days. Thanks Kristen, I think!


Micupoftea said...

Aw, what a CHARMING post, Linda! I so enjoyed seeing all the dolls. I have made cloth dolls and so has my daughter. One of my favs is an Amish doll with a dark blue apron on. I should share it sometime :)

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

These are wonderful! I have a couple old books on making cloth dolls and used to love making them myself when I was very young. Thanks for sharing.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like rag dolls. The books are very interesting. I collect dolls papels. I love all the dolls. Edith does a great job. Lovely Christmas cards. Your dolls are very cute too. Keep in touch

Stephanie said...

These are such sweet dolls, Linda. Thank you for such a fun, delightful post, friend :) I hope your day is simply lovely! Hugs and love to you!

Susan said...

Ohhhh, all so cute, Linda. Love the sewing cottage doll the best. She's adorable. Don't you just LOVE dolls? Susan

Kristen Strand said...

Glad you enjoyed the card and reading up about the Ackley women. For some reason the books and cards remind me of Tasha Tudor. I am framing my cards to hang in my office and one of these days I will finish my Edith Flack Ackley rag doll!


Kathryn Ross said...

Blessings, Linda! Oh - this was so interesting about the dolls! I have a modest collection and a couple of vintage cloth dolls in need of some TLC. They are on my list to make some slight repair too, but I'm afraid to tamper with them. Seeing your little ladies makes me want to give it a try, though.

I want to thank you for your thoughtful Christmas card! Such a delightful surprise! I am trying to be more disciplines with my blogging and visiting - such a transition time for me of late and organizing my days is challenging with new "to do's" on the list and many new skills to learn.

Hope all is well with you and there are creative happenings in your studio this year!

Jane said...

I have the Doll to make book. I've had it since a child. My mother and I make the girl doll when I was a child. I still have a green fairy marionette I made from one of her small doll patterns. Great fun.


mamasmercantile said...

Just stumbled across your blog from England, I am a great fan of rag dolls and have several books myself. I have just purchased a Cath Kidston book that includes the materials to make the cloth doll, I intend to start it today. A very charming post.

Joyce Olson said...

I so enjoyed this post, it is filled with such interesting information. I remember having Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and Mom made me 2 rag dolls.
One of my favorite pastimes as a child was to play with Paper Dolls-
Thank you again for the walk down memory lane~

LaVonne said...

Ok, now I want to make a rag doll with you! I have made them in the may not have known that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog post!