Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 6th- St Nicholas Day

December 6th is St Nicholas Day and if you're a Tasha Tudor fan, you will be enjoying the day with a tea and treats! It's kind of our official beginning of Christmas and I just love to celebrate the day. Our group didn't have an ornament exchange this year, so it was a bit sad, but maybe next year we will get back on track.

The day began on with a surprise for Oregon....SNOW! I looked out my kitchen window and this is what I say in the morning! Many of you have real winters and probably get sick of snow. We don't get too much here, so it's really exiting. It's been so cold and windy.

This is my cottage with a light dustting. The wind was blowing so hard, so it wasn't piling up too much.

There was more in the front yard as this is a bit sheltered from the wind. Jim's truck was getting covered!

About 3:30, we had a little tea in my tea room. I love my Spode dishes, so they were chosen for the party this year. A few treats for the cold afternoon.

I usually make my Dundee cake using Tasha's recipe, but this year has just gotten away from me. Of course you know that as I am always telling you. Just having the grandbaby has changed things a bit, but I am NOT complaining.

A very yummy cranberry cheese spread.

You can see St Nicholas and a few little treats waiting with the tea pot.

I really like to decorate under my little Christmas tree with dolls and toys. It's fun to use different items that I have living in the tea room/dolly room. I have to have a very tall skinny tree that will fit. My girls tease me that it is a pencil tree! Oh well, it works for me.

I decorate this tree with glass ornaments and a few vintage beaded ornaments. The bell in the center is the only ornament left from my parent's first tree. My dad lovingly gave it to me a few years ago. I cherish it.

After tea, we drove over to Angie and Chris' to pick up baby Otto! We had so much fun with him. He is growing up too quickly. He is so very strong.  His hair is coming in and it's very light.

Jim snapped this out in the front room when he was wanting to go to sleep. It's a bit dark, but he was all snuggy and cosy. What a special St Nick's Day! Snow, tea and baby Otto! I am blessed.


Rosetta Di Leo said...

Bellissima tavola!Ciao,Linda!Baci,Rosetta

Ruth Weston said...

Thanks for the reminder...I'd forgotten!

Stephanie said...

Your table looks so beautiful, dear Linda! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Hugs and love to you!

Bernideen said...

I do think baby Otto looks like his grandad!