Sunday, November 10, 2013

Road Trip!

On Friday, Jimmy and I picked up Angie and Baby Otto in the morning and headed north to Seattle...ROAD TRIP! We were excited to see Eric and Gina's new home and they were excited to spend some time with Otto. We had a nice drive up and stopped at the Country Cousins restaurant for a bite and a chance for the baby to stretch a bit. He is so good and he's a good traveler too! Grandma was loving it!

Eric and Gina have been in their new home about two months. It is just a beautiful crafted home, very mid century. It's all on one level, it's big and spacious, so it is perfect for our Eric. Eric has his roll in shower, cupboards are lower as are the appliances, and it's so open with wide haul ways and all. We are so happy for them both to have found a home that fits them so well.

This is our little tour around the outside of the home.

The home has been landscaped so well ....several different types of fruit trees too.!

Auntie Gina, Baby Otto and mama Angie....precious one and all! Don't they look happy?

The men folk having fun. They have been having fun together at the Expo shows so they are used to hanging around with each other a bit....funny guys.

This wonderful window is a favorite of Gina's.

We went inside to the party room, complete with a second fireplace. Such a cozy place to entertain.

Time to eat! This is a darling picture of these two, getting to know each other again. Gina was there with Chris when Otto had a difficult time getting out, so the bond is pretty special.

This is the rest of the party room. It has a mirror at the end so it seems like the room is bigger than it is.

Auntie Gina put on her Cookie Monster hat and Otto was enchanted. So cute.  My daughter is a very good mother. I'm so happy for her.

We had to put it on Otto too. He thought it was pretty funny. Cutie pie.

Kissy Kissy.....adorable. Can you tell we were having fun? Proud papa and grandpa there in the back.

A short time ago, my sister Debbie sent out an email to see if either of my girls would like to have my mother's china. Angie is the oldest granddaughter, but she has lots of wonderful dishes and really couldn't take it. Gina was delighted to take it. My dad's boss went to Japan on a buying trip for Woolworth and was able to get this china there for my mother. I think it was about 1958, so it's very mid century. The china is Nortake China and the pattern is called Sheldon. It's trimmed in silver and is a light turquoise, very nice. The girls had it unpacked before dinner!

Gina bought this china cabinet a few weeks ago, so she was anxious to have the china arrive.  She will take good care of it and it hope someday she will be able to pass it on in the family.

Jim and I drove home that night and left the young folks to enjoy the baby and each other.  Looks like they were having a grand time. We will be having Christmas in Seattle this year, so I hope to share more pictures of their home so everyone can see more of the house. Thanks you guys for the wonderful visit. Love you all lots!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Glad that you were able to spend time with your family up in Seattle. The kids sure do have a cute house! I think that china looks perfect in their home and retro cabinet. And Otto is a little sweetie!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Road trip are two words I love! And when it is to spend time with precious family it is even better! Love all your sweet photos - a happy family in a happy home. You were close to my neck of the woods. The home is lovely - love that outdoor fireplace - and the china is wonderful and perfect for the style. So nice to see your beautiful family, Linda. Hugs xoxo Karen

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What a great post! Thank you for taking us on this road trip! lol
Well, isn't baby Otto getting big?? Boy he's cute! I love the last pic of him with his Auntie and Uncle. The china is so pretty! And what a cozy new home they have! You must feel really good about where your girls are babies, new homes. This year is sure to be a very special Christmas for your family!
I'm so happy for you Linda Lou!
Erica :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Aunt Gina, Otto and Mom Angie... you're all very happy. Nice house. Awesome garden. I see Seattle is a nice city to live in family. A happy family in a happy home. Keep in touch

Stephanie said...

So precious, my dear friend! What a wonderful time for you and your sweet family :) And I agree with Karen, Road Trip are two words I love as well. Thank you for sharing with us, lovely lady. Hugs!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Ohhhh, times like these are to be treasured, that's for sure.

Baby Otto is an adorable doll. Oh, loved the Cookie Monster hat shot. Sooooo darned cute.

Thanks for sharing. Susan