Thursday, February 7, 2013

ALL FOR LOVE....Tasha Tudor First Friday Book Review

I was looking through my Tasha Tudors library tonight to choose a book just right for Valentines.
I decided to feature ALL FOR LOVE...perfect title, is it not? It is quite a lovely book and after I did a bit of research on it, I just took some time to reread the book and just get familiar with it again.
ALL FOR LOVE IS a wonderful collection of "poem, letters, songs, stories, folklore and customs" selected, edited and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. 93 pages of LOVE! It was first published by Philomel New York, NY in 1984 and reprinted by Simon & Schuster in 2000.

The table of contents gives the reader an idea of what treasures are inside!

What is Love?
In Love
Secret Love
Enduring Love
Other Loves
Love of Family
Love in Absence
Love Letter
Love and Kisses
Love Songs
Loving Gifts and Celebrations of Tasha Tudor and Her Family

This summer I found a large stamp similar to the Love and Kisses illustration as seen below.

Tasha's watercolors are just beautiful!

My favorite part of the book is the last chapter~Loving Gifts and Celebrations of Tasha Tudor and Her Family. Tasha goes into great detail about the Sparrow Post post office that you see in the picture right below. The postmaster is Augustus Sparrow who is a wool cut sparrow wearing glasses and sporting a fine red jacket. He has quite a job to do especially during the busy holiday season.When our Tasha group,Take Peace, has a Valentine exchange, we always make little cards for the dolls.I keep them all for Annabelle. I have been collecting materials for to make my own little post office for Annabelle.....maybe next year?

Of course the children were busy making paper Valentines for their friend, and dolls.

I love this page. Tasha give directions for making the flower pot Valentines that you see in the center.
Lots of detail. I love her work from the time period and the 1980's actually are my favorite years of her career.

This book is loaded with so much to help you celebrate the big day. It's a wonderful Tasha book to own. Lots of ideas for some family fun. Read the book-it's great!

I found an interesting little note about the wreath on the book jacket. Tasha did a painting from the original wreath made by Frank Holder.


Unknown said...

Another great review. I don't know if Clarice has this one. I don't remember it. The sparrow post is such an amazing idea that Tasha had.

janice15 said...

I have never read a Tasha Tudor book... I wonder why..but I will surely have to pick one up... Yours looked so wonderful..Happy weekend with love Janice

Susan said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. I have never seen or read that book, Linda, but it looks so very delightful. Susan

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Linda,
This is all so lovely. I felt the love, I wanted yo buy a book by Tasha and was going out with a friend when I got sick so never did go out. Been sick right after my birthday the 13th. You're right, it's no fun being sick. Will look for it on line. Thanks Linda....Hugs, Lu

CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

Dear Linda,
Love your Tasha Tudor book review for Valentine's day! Beautiful illustations! Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment. Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Wishing you a lovely day!

Denise said...

Hi Linda,What a beautiful tribute to Tasha.The fan and flowerpot directions are so detailed and beautiful.Her talent in both art and the written word still amaze Me,then add in her style of living,what an interesting woman.I hope all is well with you,always nice to hear from you.Love for valentines sent to YOU-Denise