Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teacup Thursday #63 and Cornflowers

We had a lovely summer day today after yet another week of rain and heavy showers. So much of the west is experiencing terrible forest fires, so I guess we should be thankful that our Oregon has been spared. My heart just goes out to those families who have lost their homes. I am thankful I can share my teacup for Miss Spencer's Teacup Thursday from my little home in Troutdale.

I love cornflowers or bachelor buttons. Mine haven't grown too big yet but I have hopes that they will soon be as pretty as this picture.

My cup and saucer is by Hammersley and is English made bone china. It so sweet and I love the color. The saucer has a lovely embossed raised design in the china as you can see in this photo.

Cornflowers once grew wild in the fields in the UK. They are easy to grow and fun to work into summer bouquets. They look wonderful with daisies. They are annuals but will often seed down themselves. Mine last way into the fall. You can find white and pink cornflowers but I favor the blue ones!

I looked up the meaning of this flower in my Language of Flowers book. It means delicacy, single blessedness and celibacy. You know you might find a fairy or two romping around in the summer flowers.....

We have a fun tea shoppe that's fairly new in Portland~The Jasmine Pearl. We picked up some tea to enjoy. I think the grapefruit should be fun for summer. I hope you have a delightful week ahead.


Susan said...

Hi Linda....Beautiful teacup! Soooo pretty.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and comment,too. Ohhhhh, wouldn't it be sweet to meet each other and other bloggers as well?

Some places have conventions but I live in a buried burg so no conventions for bloggers here.

You know what? You just never know what God might have in store.

Have a blessed day. Susan

Kathryn Ross said...

Hello, my Lady Linda! Yes, I do love the cornflowers, too. Mine did re-seed a bit - but we sowed new ones in our English cottage wildflower garden this summer - hope you scrolled down from my bees post to see what's happening there! My last two posts were all about flowers and my friend's flower farm - her tutorial has saved my garden this year, I daresay! And, such a lovely teacup to commemorate them! Blessings to you, milady!

Linda said...

Beautiful post. I love the cornflowers. I feel like I've gone through every diet known to man on my blog. lol, but still looking for the one that will work for me. I figure if what you are doing isn't working you need to change it. Actually I'm not so much changing as perfecting.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello M'lady,
I love your pretty teacup! The cornflowers are so very sweet and yes, I like the blue too. I am so happy you have joined me for tea today! Hope you have a delightful weekend, my friend.


Cindy F. Adkins said...

Your cup is so pretty! Such a gorgeous shade of blue. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! I'm your newest follower!
Cindy @Art,Books,Tea

Denise said...

What a lovely post.I love most or all blue flowers. Aren't the cornflowers just so pretty? Yes,I am getting excited for My surgery.All fear is gone,but I do still want prayer :) July 5th first person on the surg. schedule,about 7:00 am.I'm E-mailing you ,if I still have it.I think I do.Hugs Denise

xinex said...

Very beautiful and so delicate! I love the blue and white color and the shape....Christine

Ruthie Miller said...

What a pretty post. How sweet are those petite blue flowers? Love the color blue in the garden. I love the way your coordinated the whole post. Artwork on seed packets...charming.
Happy 4th! Ruthie from:

Zaa said...

HI Lady Linda...
Cornflowers are definitely an favourite... and your cup is so charming . Love cornflower blue and infact painted my door to remind me of these pretty little flowers. .. and ... I 'd love to sample that ' grapefruit ' tea ...It sounds so refreshing.....ENJOY !!! Thanks for your kind visit to the Grand Lady" ... You're visits are always so enjoyable....Hugs

Terri said...

Hello Lady Linda,
Your cornflower tea cup and saucer are so pretty! I do love blue cornflowers. Hammersley does make really lovely china!I really love the shape of the cup too.