Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teacup Thursday # 56

I've been working very hard this week~SPRING CLEANING. I was able to get most of the house done but there's always so much to do! I haven't washed the windows or cleaned out all the closets yet, but I was able to get quite a bit done. At least the woodstove dust is gone gone gone! And here it is time for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday already!

I love this cup and saucer. Jim bought it for me at the doll show in March and I've been saving it for this week. As Tuesday was May Day, I thought this was such a perfect teacup. It's by Aynsley and features a couple different nursery rhymes that we learned long ago. I love nursery rhymes. Do children still learn them?

"Mary Mary, quite does your garden grow?"

I adore this little Miss Mary watering her silver bells and cockle shells...

The cup has sweet little ladies singing "Ring-a-Ring of roses, a pocket full of posies."
A bit different from the way we used to sing it. Don't you love the colors and the design?

This darling piece of linen just seems to be another Miss Mary in her garden! It opens up and has a pocket inside.

I shared this little plate last year for May Day, but I love it so much, I thought it should be shared again.
The charming children are dancing around the May Pole.

So this is my yummy dessert tonight after all my hard work. Treats are good. Jim returns home later today-he's been off fishing again. I have plenty of goodies to share with him with tea or coffee when he tells me all those "fish stories" once he's home again.
My youngest daughter sent me a text that she'll be home from Seattle this weekend and I guess my two kids have cooked up an early Mother's Day time together on Saturday. First on the the mom get a new phone...a smart phone! Something new for the old mom!

I started a new Beth Moore bible study a few weeks ago on James and of course, it is so good! We meet on Thursday mornings, so I won't be able to read and enjoy your TEA TIME posts until the afternoon or evening.


Rosetta said...

Che dolce questa tazza con queste bimbe!Adatte alla primavera!Baci!Rosetta

fabraholic said...

Hi Linda, I love this teacup!!! I have never seen one like it before, what a find. Thanks for sharing it.

Linda said...

Darling tea cup as usual. I wish I could do all my spring cleaning is a week, I just don't have the energy. I do mine a little at a time. Having a relatively new house it stays cleaner I've noticed and no wood stove. Have a Happy Mother's Day with your family.

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Linda,
What absolutely enchanting children's china. Oh, the pictures...they are so sweet. Very special. You post such pretty lovelies.
Please come and visit Lady B and me at our tea blog. We share a love of tea things and a friendship and alternate postings.

Susan said...

Hi Linda...Sweet, sweet, sweet cup. Your sweetheart knew exactly what to buy you! Susan

silvina said...

Hello! I love that cup and saucer! So cute! I collect vintage children's dishes. I think you'll like them.
Besos from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
Silvina de Tazas y Cuentos

EllenaElizabeth said...

Oh Boy! I love that little cup and saucer. What a find. What a lucky girl you are to be the recipient. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Linda,
I love Beth Moore! How charming your little teacup is! I love whimsy! Thank you for stopping by leaving your very nice comment. I would love to have you link up with me for tea. There are ladies I know would be so happy to view this darling cup. Wishing you a delightful day, my friend.


Michelle said...

What lovely china! The "ring a ring" tea set is enchanting. I love the May Pole as well. Nursery rhymes should definitely be mandatory! :)
Thanks for sharing, Michelle

Terri said...

What a sweet cup! I have never seen these Aynsley cups before. They are just darling. I will have to have a look for them too. My granddaughters would be so delighted!
Thanks so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday.

Texas Tea Party said...

Great post about your May cup and saucer! I love the nursery rhyme theme for the Anysley cup and saucer and would love to see more. The little plate is so sweet! Both are just perfect with the Royal Winton chintz teapot in the background.
Happy Mother's Day!