Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music Makes Me Happy!

Yesterday I had to do a few errands and drop my Etsy packages off at the Post Office. I was just taking a break, wondering around the store a bit and I ended up in the music department.
I remembered that I wanted to buy a Simon and Garfunkel CD for my car so that I did!

I chose this one...wanting to get all the best of the oldies. Oh boy....turned the music up loud and drove back home on a beautiful 80 degree day as my mind drifted back to another time. Ahhhh....loved it.
So many memories along with great songs.
I've been so busy trying to post all my Etsy things that my poor blog has been a bit neglected. The retail in me just wants to get everything posted and keep those sales coming.


Denise said...

My mind is getting a little fogy these days concerning old songs,OK and other things too.I know if I heard one though it would be like yesterday.I got your E-mail thank you-Denise

Zaa said...

Good Simon and Garfunkel choice... Good albums just keep making music for our souls.... ENJOY ...Hugs

Lady Jane said...

Good Pick. Enjoy that album. Music keeps me sane, lol...