Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teacup Thursday #41

Oh my goodness, this week slipped by so quickly! It's time for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday once again. I do hope our friends are well and over their colds. Donna and her family have been working so hard on their new B&B to accompany their lovely tea room. I am hoping to visit this year with some of my Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirits.
Isn't this a beautiful teacup? My dear friend Angie Bickerton gave it to me for Christmas. It's so elegant and such a lovely gift. Thanks again Angie for such a perfect gift!

I love this book  "If Teacups Could Talk" and it was one of the first tea books I bought quite a few years ago. I was thinking how fun it would be if all my teacups could talk and tell you about each dear friend that has given me a special gift. Don't you think it's amazing how many different teacups were made? I am constantly surprised each week as you share your cup and saucers with me on Teacup Thursday.  I also enjoy the other posts from Tea Cup Tuesday, etc. I can barely keep up with one per week....don't know how you can handle more that one! This sharing has given me new internet friends and I have learned so much about the many companies that made or are still making teapots and teacups.

So, back to my cup for today. It's made by Kaiser of West Germany. I had to do a bit of research on it as I have never had a cup with these marks.

This is another gift I was given at Christmas from my friend Kristen who lives in Massachusetts. I don't know if she knew that I had admired one on a Teacup Thursday post and was wishing for one! It's a lovely lacy tea cozy-just for show. The little paper shoe resting on it is made by Christine LeFever. I love it.

I found this little purse at the bins a few years ago and I thought it went with todays offerings. It lives in my tearoom.

I won't be on the computer this weekend. I'm going away to a quilt retreat at Piece Lodge in Washington. It will be a treat to attend one and not have to be giving one! I hope to get some projects done.
I took a lot of photos today for my Etsy shoppe and have done the editing. I need to post them now, so I better be getting back to work. My knee is a bit better today. I hope it's a lot better by Friday for my trip.
Yesterday, it was hurting so badly, I could hardly walk. I may be seeing a doctor soon.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Kaiser is a favorite company of mine. Their workmanship is superb and that is a great example! Love your wonderful gifts! Aren't friends a blessing!

Angie said...

Look at that! I'm glad you like the teacup-and that book looks wonderful. I hope you're having a great weekend. xoxo

Zaa said...

Goodness Lady Linda ..

I'm missing your Thursday pretties...because I'm stuck on Tuesdays... So glad that I took a peek here.. My , My ..What a beautiful cup and delightful shoe... i am currently trying to create one of these love little slippers... Hope it turns out as pretty as your precious gift.... Bright Blessings

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Another beautiful teacup!! I love the purse too...aren't vintage (1900's-1920's) purses darling! (At least I think that's it's era??) Have a good week!