Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home again....

I'm home again and trying to get back to normal. It was a very fun quilting retreat and I had a great time. I was able to finish up several projects, worked on some Easter gifts and Lisa and I really started our "retreat quilt" which we are enjoying working on little by little at each retreat. We are going slowly and are being very careful. I am hoping it will be worthy of quilting when I get done. The next stage has some applique work, so Lisa will be teaching me some hand applique.
I met a new quilter-Nancy-who lives fairly close to me, so we must have coffee soon. Our apartment gang enjoyed staying up late and waking up late. We enjoyed our talks over drinks at night and coffee in the morning. I think the five of us did well as roommates!
Melissa came to visit with her new little two month old baby-the only boy allowed. Of course, we all mothered him to death.
On Wednesday, I took Lisa, Debra and Nancy up to Tillamook for a trip to Jane's Quilt shop and a quick visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It was the only day we had a break from the terrible rain and wind.Road trip!!!!
A wonderful bunny magically appeared at my workspace! I finally figured out that Gloria was the guilty one. I love my bunny.
Roberta gifted me with a lovely little night light for my tea room.
I hope to finish up my bunny quilt this season. All those bunnies need a face and some embellishments!
Thanks to all who made my trip so special. I'm glad to be home, but what a grand time!

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Suzanne said...

Look at you--I miss ya!!! I want to go quilting with you:-)