Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've been busy....

I remember one of the things my friend Clarice (Storybook Woods) told
me about having a's hard to keep it up! It takes a lot of
time. That it does. I have just been so busy and gone from home, I
haven't had much time to work on my blog.
Quilts*quilts*quilts*. Quilting and quilt retreats have been consuming
my life. That's OK too. I think of where my family was last year with
dad's stroke and heart attacks. That was all we could do with life. He
is so much better and happier now and we are so thankful. God has been
gracious. We have dad's house ready to rent, so that will be one more
"good" thing to have off of the list for him.
We were at Maupin this
weekend. I got to quilt and Jim got to fish fish fish. He is enjoying
being able to get out there in the water again. After his hip surgery
and then his knee surgery, it was so frustrating for him.
I'm so ready for fall, but warm humid weather has returned to Oregon. UGH.
photo is from the NW Expo Quilt Show I attended last week. I love this
Oregon quilt. It was on on display at the show. I am sorry I don't know
the maker's name as it is just wonderful. I thought it would be a good
one to share as Jim and I have been all over Oregon this month.
I am waiting for fall....

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Storybook Woods said...

LOL, yes blogging is hard work. People, who do not blog, do not have a clue. I am soo glad you have a lovely time. You need that, then you have something to blog about ; -) xoxox Clarice