Monday, April 30, 2012

I started my spring cleaning today....finally. I began in the front room and that's all I got done today as I also had to put away my Easter decorations. I'm taking my time and really doing deep cleaning. I need to stay off of the computer so I'm not distracted. Everything smells so fresh and clean. It brings back memories of my mom and how she taught me how to keep a house. Thanks mom!
I hope to make more progress tomorrow.


Denise Adorian said...

I think it's strange of Me,that I've always done a deep "Spring cleaning in early Nov.,so I really do a Fall cleaning.I think it has something to do with getting My home ready for the holidays and holiday company.Now that it's just the two of us really there's not much cleaning to do compared to years ago-talk to you later-Denise

romance-of-roses said...

You sound like me. Mom also taught me about house cleaning, wonderful moms they were. Yea, I also have been doing a bit of that, today I cleaned the shower, I mean really cleaned the shower, of course all of that bath room also. Like you, tomorrow I move to another room or bath. Hugs...Lu