Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Belated Teacup Thursday #52!

Happy Easter! The day was so beautiful here in Oregon...that kind of day which holds a promise of spring and hope and JOY. It was a bit different for me and I think it was good to be alone. I thought I would be with others, but it didn't work out so I decided to spend it alone. Time to read scripture and time to think about my faith. I stumbled on the movie- The Passion of Christ- tonight. I have never seen it before. I'm still soaking it in or trying to anyway. Powerful and very humbling. My mind drifted to all the services I have attended in the past...memories. I talked to my daughters and to my Jimmy on the phone and I certainly missed them all today.

These are Easter cakes our family makes every Easter. We call them Blarney Stones as they started off years ago as St. Patrick's Day goodies. They're cupcakes frosted all around and rolled in coconut or nuts.They are rich but very yummy.

So after my bible reading this morning I had a little cross buns and good coffee and an egg for protein. My dear friend Nancy dropped off a basket of flowers and treats yesterday. Isn't it pretty to see the sun shining early this morning?

The mailman brought my mail back yesterday that was being held for me while I was at the quilt retreat. I had a whole PO tub full of packages and was anxious to open them today. Robin had my name in our Tasha Tudor Easter exchange this spring. Our theme was birds and I love the bird on the perfect for me. Thank you Robin.

Then I opened all my other treats from New England, Virginia, Kansas, Montana and Portland. Sweet thoughtful Tashettes and friends. So fun and it really cheered me up.

I didn't get to participate in Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday last week so I decided to add this to my Easter Sunday. It's called Spring Song by Queen Anne, English made "fine" bone china. This is #52~an entire year of featuring teacups! I guess I should have a party or better yet, a little tea party of my own! Isn't the cup so pretty and springlike? I also like to collect porcelain eggs.I found the daisy one at a shop in Troutdale last week!

I enjoyed beef and marinated asparagus roll ups, goat's cheese on rice crackers, a Blarney Stone (of course), Grand Marnier drizzled orange slices, a wee glass of Port and a cup of vanilla Rooibos tea from a new tea shoppe in Portland. My friend Jan made the little bird in front of the tea package.
Today is my dad's 83rd birthday! We will celebrate later in the week. Happy Birthday Dad!
Easter Blessings to you all. My prayers are with you and I thank God for your friendship.


Rosetta said...

Che bella la tua colazione!Buona Pasqua!Rosetta

GardenofDaisies said...

Wow, what a lovely basket full of flowers, and pretty gifts too. :-) Your little coconut easter cakes make me think of Australian lamingtons.